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The buyer did not get a French version of the game. He got a English version of the game with a French cover. I literally got robbed for a distaste of the cover of the game and not because the actual game itself does not work in English. And if Amazon wants to get technical here, I want to make a claim on the buyer that his claim against me was not as described because he actually thought it was the Spanish version and put that in his claim. Where are the seller claims against buyers? Where is the buyer feedback so we can show off who are the scamming buyers? Oh yeah Ebay has that. lol But in all seriousness, that is where I will be doing all my selling from now on. At least there I can post a picture of my product so the “not as described” thing doesn’t fly.

I also would like to bring up conditions. I put the game under the category of very good condition. Now conditions can mean the product will be shipped to you under a variety of ways depending on the condition you list it under. Technically, the game works perfectly, like new. But the case in which I shipped it is in another language and why wouldn’t that little factor be an acceptable way to downgrade the product’s description to very good and have that technically be as described?

Also for the record, whether or not it is law, being able to legally keep something that “you didn’t pay for”, is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard and is obviously a easy way for people, if they wanted to do so, to rip off other people who are just trying to sell old things for some extra money or independent sellers just trying to get by.


Did this item have the exact same UPC as the page you listed it on? If it did not yo violated the PA

When you asked for an Amazon account did you agree to the PA?

Also … posted by Amazon as part od what you agreed to :
[My buyer wont return the item they filed a claim for – what do I do? (link)|]

Buyers are expected to work with you to make return arrangements for merchandise before filing a claim. If the buyer has received an item that is materially different and have not received a response from you with return instructions, he or she may file a Guarantee claim for the purchase. Once a customer is reimbursed for an order via the A-to-z Guarantee, does not obligate that customer to return the item they received. However, you are welcome to contact your customer directly to arrange for a return of the item.


Your welcome …

  1. Can you look up your order? Was it listed on the same ASIN?

  2. Considering the difference you shouldn’t have listed it because my guess is the UPC was different.

NOTE : JMO - Amazon has this policy in place to teach those who list incorrectly a lesson about not doing so … Break the rules? No seller protection …


You know, I want to thank you for actually giving me a official Amazon link to that situation. I asked Amazon in a email for links to the terms of service so I can personally read their rules and I asked for a answer to the question, “is it okay for a buyer to not return the product after I authorized a return?” and they only sent me the same exact copy of a email they sent to me prior. If you people would like to know what they said in both of those emails to me here is a direct copy and paste:

Hello from

We have reviewed the buyer’s claim and the information you provided. As mentioned previously, the item you sold was different from the item referenced on the product detail page. As such, the buyer is not required to return the item to you and is entitled to a reimbursement.

We understand that you may not agree with the decision in this case, but we will not be able to assist you further. There will be no further response to your e-mail messages regarding this transaction.

We thank you for your understanding and for selling with

It’s funny because they completely ignore both of my requests to give me a generic, bot-like response and this email was sent to me by two different people from the Amazon team.

For the record, I asked the buyer if he would like to return the product and I authorized the return both before the A-to-Z claim was filed on me and the buyer ignored all of my messages. I never received a response from him and I saved every message in this case including the ones I sent to the buyer to prove it.


Also I do not know if the UPC was the same and I never will since the buyer is ignoring me. Amazon should ask the buyer for a photo of the product and UPC to prove they are actually entitled to a refund, not just for me but for any one else who gets screwed. If the buyer fails to comply within a certain amount of time, the buyer should not be charged. I think that is fair. That way, some proof is involved in the case.


I am scared stiff
I will no longer sell on amazon
I manufacture the goods I sell
The sell for a Lot of money
They cost me a lot of money
Amazon is holding the money from my first sale on the amazon site.
From what I am reading here:

  1. The customer can arbitrarily state “not as described” and that is not defined here
  2. Amazon does no investigation beyond reading an email
  3. Amazon claims that the customer is under no obligation to return the goods!!
  4. I would be out $3500 (cost of goods sold)

As an aside, amazon allows people/websites to offer the goods for sale without my prior knowledge or agreement
They do not reflect the kind of outlet I want representing my goods
I pray I receive my money
I will be happy to join in with others to protest this flagrant disregard for sellers rights

Please tell me I’m wrong
I’ve been lied to twice by amazon and so far don’t expect to see my money for another thirty/ fourth five days


Just had a similar issue. Basically customer service said “NEW” must be in original factory condition. I sold a set of new books without the box or some gadget that’s supposed to be in the set. I said all this in the description & dropped the price way low compared to the lowest listed new price. I got an email from some unnamed/unsigned customer service rep saying the buyer complained about missing items. Mind you this email was from customer service not from the buyer himself.


We’ve been contacted by a customer regarding the order identified below.

Order#: --***
Item: ***
Reason: Missing Items, Parts or Accessories

Details: The item has arrived, but items were missing and the packaging was terrible. Please research the issue shipment and contact the customer.

I replied with my listing description (again for books only) & if they want to return I normally charge 10% restocking since I clearly stated “BOOKS ONLY.” Again, customer service in behalf of the buyer (allegedly) wanted to return the books but objected to the restocking fee. Told the buyer to return & I would still charge the fee.
Exactly 2 weeks later still with no return or any attempt to return, A-Z was claimed: "The buyer’s comments were “-missing parts on the book -the seller is requiring the customer to pay restocking fee and handling fee, but the customer is not at fault.” So like I normally do I reply to the claim stating my case the instant I receive the claim.
Mind you here’s own’s policy:
“Please note that you have seven (7) days to respond to this e-mail. Failure to respond with all requested information below may result in a debit to your Amazon Payments account.”
In previous times dealing with A-Z claim customer service would still insist that the seller & buyer resolve this themselves. Not this time! My account was debited within hours. I appealed and customer service said I violated the rules by selling the new books as an open box item with parts missing. They said my listing description stating so was of no importance- “It is not sufficient to list in the comments section that this is an open box item when listing in a condition that specifically notes the item is unopened.” “As mentioned previously, the item you sold was listed in the wrong condition. As such, the buyer is not required to return the item to you and is entitled to a reimbursement.” At this point, it’s not about the loss of money and merchandise. My main complaint is the so called seller-guarantee itself. Like I mentioned it only took them hours to debit my account but to answer my questions and about their own policy, they took their time in answering.
As of the last email from them I received the standard- “We understand that you may not agree with the decision in this case, but we will not be able to assist you further. As our policy has been explained to the fullest of our ability, there will be no further response to your e-mail messages regarding this transaction.”
All I want at this point is for customer service to send me the original emails from the customer directly and not the ones relayed by customer service for the buyer. I believe I have that right but so far nothing more than -“I am unfortunately unable to understand what information you are requesting from us. All communications sent via the Buyer Seller Communication Manager are accessible via your Amazon Seller Account. Multiple communications were sent by our customer service department on behalf of the buyer requesting information pertaining to the resolution of this matter, beginning on ***.”
Here’s Amazon’s legal address if anyone’s interested:
Legal Dept.
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226
Fax: 206-266-7010
It took multiple email and days to get this out of them.
Here’s BBB’s page:
Should they close my seller’s account be closed anytime soon “accidentally” or by some violation of rules they can dig up, I guess I’d know how supportive’s seller-guarantee department is.


In a not as described claim, seller should send buyer a prepaid return label. Maybe you would have won your case had you done that.

You won’t win a class action lawsuit either, for reasons already stated. It’s Amazon’s site and you broke the rules. Learn from it and sell some more and make money, or walk away.

Good luck getting a lawyer to take your case!



You cannot use the ‘description’ to explain how the item does not match Amazon’s catalog page. The price you listed at has absolutely no bearing on this.

Seller Support forwards buyer messages all the time. Many buyers feel more comfortable just calling CS, instead of emailing the seller.

Since the item was ‘not as described’, you had no choice but to issue a full refund and pay for return shipping. You do not get to issue a restocking fee for 'NAD". When you replied to the claim reiterating this stance, you left Amazon no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

All of these rules can be found clearly stated in the Seller Help pages.


If you’ve opened up the box, then it’s not new.

If it’s missing something, where as a new product bought from another seller or retail store includes, then it’s definitely not new.


It will never die, because of the disgruntled sellers that search the forums for ‘class action lawsuit’.


I should’ve looked before, but just noticed this is a NECRO THREAD FROM A YEAR AGO.

Someone please let the thing die again!!!


So Its-Books,

You listed something as new that was missing items, opened, not in original box. It also sounds like it was shipped in an old junk box. And you really are wondering why you lost an A-Z ?

You mis-labeled, you used description to force your item into the listing, you poorly packaged and then hounded a customer for a return.

You really should have been suspended.



Go to Etsy



I have got similar case where Buyer contacted me after 30 days that item is sold “as not described”. I authorized return (which I don’t have to after 30 days) and contacted Amazon and was advised to hold on issuing refund until receive the item back. never received the item and Amazon refunded the Buyer.

Their Seller Support is impossible, hard to understand their English and provide contradictory information.

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if the product listing on Amazon did not have a French cover, the buyer did not get what he purchased. not much else to debate if that’s the case.

  1. This has nothing at all to do with FBA, which is what the forum is.

  2. Good luck on getting an attorney to take that case.

  3. Good luck on finding successful Amazon sellers who follow the rules and know how to list according to Amazon’s policies to join your ridiculous lawsuit.

  4. (yawn).


i didn’t notice either. amazon really shouldn’t feature old threads in seller central. perhaps set a rule for threads created more than 1 month ago.


To add … This is an old … old thread !

You can throw out the 30 days when a buyer claims ‘not as described’

> and contacted Amazon and was advised to hold on issuing refund until receive the item back. never received the item and Amazon refunded the Buyer.
So in fact we’re dealing with an A-z claim aren’t we ? NOT just a buyer wanting to return something past the 30 day window …
> Their Seller Support is impossible, hard to understand their English and provide contradictory information.
Can’t argue on that point … many times it is both.

There is obviously more to this than you have told us …


Has anyone heard about a class action lawsuit against amazon? If so I got some damaging things that might help the case.