No Sales


It has been 5 days that I have not sold an Item, Could there be something wrong with my account. Thank You


This is the forums. You need to ask specific questions.
“Something wrong with my account” — We cannot see it to answer the question.
You don’t say what you’re selling – if you are a new account or an old.
You don’t say if you are FBA or FBM.


You selling alibaba, generics, phone cases, spatulas, something lots of other sellers sell, price competitive, advertising on and off Amazon, A+ pages, keywords on listings, audience, intended use completed, 6 photos, proper bullet usage, doing RA/OA, own your inventory, brand registered, completed seller university, read the help files, or written a business plan?


gosh you are funny sometimes


This may be part of the problem


You have 0 items listed for sale

Your feedback is good, but all your listings are gone


Oh, Snap!!!