No response to my appeal about my account reactivation


I have send all the document that Amazon is asking from my like utility bill and valid card bu since 2 weeks, There is not response from the appeal team.

Can you please let me know how I can reach them?


It may take Amazon 30-45 days to reply. Any further contact may move you to the back of the line.


If your appeal is rejected then the following information may be of assistance.

I will cover the most common reasons, in no particular order, for your submission to be refused. A lack of response likely means that you are in a really long queue and they have not reached your submission yet. Amazon can take as long as 45 days to respond to your submission.

  1. You did not send the documents that they actually asked for. Many people send bank account information, landlord contracts, etc, instead of a utility bill that amazon is asking for.
  2. Your Name does not match exactly across all the documents. If one includes your middle name then they all need to. If you married and your last name changed and your documents do not match because of this then you need to fix that then resubmit the documents.
  3. Your Address does not match across all documents. North may be spelled out in one and another may simply use N instead. This does not match for Amazon.
  4. Your Name on your credit card does not match your documents. Or you are using a debit card that does not act like a credit card when Amazon places its penny hold on it to confirm it is valid.
  5. Not sending all pages of the document
  6. Utilities are in someone else’s name
  7. You have not sent one of the utility bills that they specifically asked for. This bears repeating as I see it so often on the forums.
  8. Sending screenshots
  9. Sending .docx which is not accepted
  10. No valid credit card on the account
  11. If you are an international seller from outside the US, is your credit card open to international charges?

Ninteen Things to do while waiting on Verification.

New Seller Checklist

Consolidated Help for New Sellers by ABC_23

Credit Card Requirements

Why is my credit card listed as invalid?

Basic Need to Know Provided by Amazon Help

Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. It can be found through the link below. This is the governing contract that you have agreed to when selling on Amazon.


Even I’ve submitted my utility bill on May 5th and still have not received any response from amazon. its been way more than 45 days. so do i get in touch with to get a repsonse from them? t


You don’t contact them, until they contact you

You are in line. If you ask for an update, you go to the back of the line.


i got this response the first 2 times i submitted the documents

We may not respond to further emails about this issue.

Seller Performance Team


This means you have wasted all your appeals and TWICE now, they have told you, they no longer want to do ANY business with you.

You will not be allowed to open a new account.


so what can i do now?


Find a different website to sell on.

Amazon does not wish to speak or do business with you.


Are you posting under multiple accounts?


It looks like it.


yes i had opened another account recently.


That may hurt your situation. In order to have multiple seller accounts, all of them must be in good standing. Amazon will link them and suspend them.


they have. now how can get out of the other account suspension as well


ou have been found to be related to an account beginning with AMP.

We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account at this time. To reactivate your account, please take one of the following actions:

  1. Reactivated any and all accounts that have been enforced for policy violation by submitting one appeal for each enforcement. Please follow the instructions in the communication received for that account or by signing into your Seller Central account.
  2. Substantiated claims that you once owned the account or had account rights but no longer own it or no longer have account rights by providing supporting documentation. This includes but is not limited to sales deed, purchase agreement, business transfer agreement, contract termination, etc.
  3. Confirmed that you have never owned a separate account and believe this deactivation was in error. If we cannot substantiate the claim, your account will not be reinstated and this account will not be allowed to do business on Amazon in the future.


What did Amazon ask you to send them in their first request?

What did you send to them?

Did the name and address on what you sent them match the name and address you entered in seller central?

Do you have a valid credit (not debit or prepaid) card entered in seller central?


amazon asked for a utility bill. i live with a friend, so the bills are on his name. i sent them that twice and it and they rejected me twice.
yes i have a valid credit card on file.

now i dont know what to do.


You must have a utility bill in your name. You cannot use a friend’s bill. Amazon is looking for proof of residence. Having a piped utility is one way to verify it.
Either change one of the bills to your name, set up a land-line phone, or Amazon will not approve you to sell here.


but they arent responding to my reply from may 31st. so im not sure if they will


after that “we may not respond” means they won’t contact you if your next submission(s) isn’t perfect.

name and address must be letter for letter matched.