No profile information for own account, only other authorising accounts


I’m struggling with working out how to get return the profile of my our own seller account from the API. We’ve authorised our own app, but when doing a lookup on /v2/profiles we get an empty list.

We’ve subsequently been authorised by another seller account and we can see their profile information in the list, but we still cant see our own.

Is there something we haven’t enable on our own seller account which prevents us from seeing our own profile id and info?



Can you provide the link to the documentation that you are following to set some context around what you are trying to achieve here?


So to recap:

  • we can use the sandbox and everything works
  • we can be authorised by another seller and see their profile data from a live API request
  • we cannot see our own profile (after we’ve authorised ourselves) from our own seller account

Is there any documentation (or could you provide some information) for what is required from our own seller account in order for our profile to appear?

Thanks again


While requesting for access to the Amazon advertising scope cpc_advertising:campaign_management, you must have received access to a JIRA account.
You will have to use that JIRA account to reach out to Advertising team for this query. You can also reply over the onboarding email you received from Amazon advertising.

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