No point of even selling on Amazon FBA!


I just started selling items on amazon and the items I sent to amazon were in perfect clean condition, as soon as Halloween arrives (decoration item) so many people placed orders and as soon Halloween goes by every single customer used the item requested for a refund? what kind of dumb service is this?
I bought the same item being sold by Amazon and they were absolute garbage, my product was 10x better quality professionally packed and hand picked.

Amazon automatically refunds the buyers while they used half of your items and they just accept it?

What kind of logic is that? what happens to the money I spent on advertising? coupons? FBA FEE?
You’re basically just losing money and giving stuff away stuff for FREE on amazon, majority of buyers know the loop hole and just request for return and refund and amazon just grants them automatically.
While at the same time they charged you all the fees and everything and hold up the middle finger.

Unless you’re a millionaire or have ext. unique items on Amazon, you’re just going to get crushed paying for all the fees and stuff on Amazon and in the end they just refund the buyers and you’re left with half of your product and everything. Some of the Amazon returns from Amazon customers are not even yours and they just swapped it with another low quality sellers item and instead kept your perfect condition item and asked for a full refund.

Whichever Genious that came up with this idea is ridiculous, no wonder giant companies like this are billionaires, by ripping off small sellers.