No option to buy all of a sudden 😩



Of course i released my pre-order announcement today :weary:.

My items are all active and I have plenty of inventory. I’m selling the same item via FBM and FBA and both are active and BB eligible but all of a sudden there is no way to buy it! What am I missing?


Same issue as below… Join the party


OH wow! Well I guess I’m glad it’s not something I screwed up. Glass half full right? Hopefully we’re all set right again soon.



They will not let you buy your own product… You could try having a friend look, or enable incognito mode on your smartphone…


Amazon is Shutting Down all Listing that the Price Is Above the Original MSRP


I recommend you to Fix your shipping templates !


Ignore the three wrong answers:

This has nothing to do with trying to buy your own product
This has nothing to do with MSRP
This has nothing to do with shipping templates

This is a system wide, but selective glitch. Follow the thread linked above for various speculations, analysis, etc.


Greetings Amazon,
this is to inform you that ill listings our products and launch the amazon platform but i am search my product no one as search and not find & one more issue that no more buying option in my products please help us and i am very struggling on amazon since 1/1.5 half years and i am continues hoping a amazon a became a new business man a amazon but i am losing my hope please help us its very needful and i hope you solved my problems as soon as possible.


Due to recent developments where Amazon has been accused of stealing products from their third party sellers,:policeman: it’s possible that Amazon might be getting ready to turn the lights off to view their own platform without “pesky” third party sellers getting in their way of profits. Amazon might have to make a choice between them or us.:sunglasses:


Not to be a party pooper, but until this glitch reconciles itself, you could use the time to fix the issues that were pointed out to you by several other sellers in your last thread.

It would be time well spent because one never knows what “transgression” Amazon will suddenly seize on in order to deactivate a listing.

The keyword stuffing in the title, the non-compliant images, the bullet points. (Bullet points, according to Amazon, “are not the place for paragraphs"…It is better to keep [them] “clear and concise.”) I wonder if your extended bullet-point comments are “reader friendly” in a fast-paced society?

Has your “mentor” not offered you this same advice and made you aware of the relevant Amazon guidelines?


I did fix them all but the system isn’t allowing them in since this glitch started. I’m pretty disappointed in your pettiness though. I’m starting this business off out of a need because my 5 yo daughter had cancer and finding people who are helpful and encouraging has been a life saver in more ways than one.

Be kind.


Hmm. Mine isn’t. Mine is almost $10 loess than the MSRP


I actually had about 10 people look at the link all across the continental US and they all had the same thing. Sounds like more of a site wide issue from what others are telling me.


They are correct.


Im having the same issue with 6 ASIN FBM
All active listings but can’t be added to the cart
Error " currently there no sellers to deliver this order"


did you call support?


Is the price the same as i always was?

If you lower the price it will go to buy box… OR you can try giving it a little time and it could go back to buy box on its own… I would lower a little then again and again till it goes to buy box, then gradually up the price back to the original price…


YEAH, that is correct!
I had the same issue, I was even panicking,…crested a case with amazon support,…they confirmed everything looks good,…you can’t buy your own products,…just create another buyer account with amazon and everything will look fine,…


It’s not “pettiness” if it can save you from having Amazon deactivate your listing(s) for noncompliance. This was my point in stating, “…one never knows what ‘transgression’ Amazon will suddenly seize on in order to deactivate a listing.”

I’m, of course, sorry that your daughter had cancer, and pleased that she won the battle.

But, if I may, just a word about playing this “card” here. Please know that it will not fly with Amazon itself. You can be out of a job, have a deadly disease, with your house on fire in the background, and Amazon will not care.

You can find this echoed over and over here on these forums: People trying to persuade Amazon why they need to get their accounts back after suspension (or whatever) because “my wife lost her job,” “our home is in foreclosure,” “we’re behind in our bills,” “we have 8 children to feed”…

If suspension/deactivation ever happens to you - and I sincerely hope it doesn’t - this is just a friendly “caution” NOT to use that tack with Amazon. And I’m confident in saying that my comments represent the consensus of opinion on this subject over the many years that it has been discussed here.

Please keep in mind that everyone who has responded to you is trying to help.

(And, for the record, I will match my kindness against anybody’s, anyday.) :wink:


Exactly. So tired of people saying things as fact when they are completely wrong.