No more commenting on customer reviews!


All true! Almost every other online site I can think of prominently features customer reviews. The idea of having a seller or manufacturer respond to a review, provided both the review and the seller’s response are substantive, seems like good customer service.


It was important to be able to respond to false or misleading reviews.


Although I oftentimes had been tempted to write a thank you under a positive review, for what was real, genuine and overwhelming gratitude, as well as relief, I ended up never doing so. The reason being that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A very useful lesson I was taught in life long ago.

In the case of the negative comment, in my opinion it would only serve to make the sloppy sloppier.

I’m tired today, emotionally exhausted, I feel bad because my desk is clean and I could be producing nicely, crossing off big stuff from my list. But all I want to do is go lie down for a few minutes and then start heading to the post office before they close.

Uncle Charlie


The people making this decision must be the same morons who run seller support.


How else will they push all of us 3rd party seller out?


We have this Thread up already… Look out those bored sellers without anything to add will tell you this has been posted already… See link above. :slight_smile:

PS Happy Holidays!>


For some reason they took my ability away years ago and will not tell me why…


Just another way for Amazon to keep us from communicating with our customers. Great business model! (NOT)


I comment back on reviews as well. Just something else Amazon does to make it more difficult to talk to our customers


I seriously just posted the same exact thing. We must have been reading each others minds. lol


No one reads your reviews. They just look at your %


This is about product reviews, not seller feedback.


Who writes this stuff? If reviews and feedback are important, then why discontinue?

Also what REVIEWS are they talking about?

Customer Reviews on the Seller?
Customer Reviews on the Product?


I just believe sellers should be able to evaluate and review customers. Maybe this way we could have something like a blacklist for most of the scammers on Amazon. Fair is fair.


That would be feedback, not reviews. They are talking about product reviews.


Thanks - Got it.


They have been hiding comments anyways and they do not show up unless you click to comment on the review. Comments have never showed on phones, only desktops and browsers. Since they aren’t improving it, might as well remove the damn thing so in Q4 the site doesn’t sh*t on our sales. It’s not a bad thing.


While we as sellers may have used the comments feature often, our buyers haven’t. In order to see that there is a comment on the review, the buyer needs to first click on it. Buyers are often in such a rush they’re not reading product descriptions, let alone seller responses to reviews. The likely behavior is the buyer sees a 1 star review, reads the first 5 words of the review and draws his/her own conclusion.

To the sellers who believe responding to poor reviews was their way of defending or protecting themselves, you’ve been shooting yourself in the foot. No one sees your responses. Well no one except for the algo responsible for maintaining the “Top Reviews” sorting function. When Amazon sees there has been engagement within the comments section, they give this review more authority. After all, engagement is good for business.

Each reply to a negative review adds more weight to them and the creep closer to page 1. And if you’re ONLY responding to negatives and not positives, you’re bringing all your negative reviews to page 1, while leaving your positive reviews further back. For this reason, for the past 18 months we’ve only responded to positive reviews.

There are obviously other factors that go into sorting “top” reviews, but this has definitely made a difference for our review positioning.


Typical Amazon resolution. Solve one problem they have created by making another one.
This is one of the last ways to contact a customer.

  • I only track an 8% response rate from Amazon messaging.
  • We cannot call the customer if there is a problem or risk suspension.

I just had a customer, I send them 3 messages, authorized a refund and they just posted a neutral review saying “hopefully the seller will respond…” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I’M TRYING TO RESPOND. I just sent them a response to the review but what are we supposed to do here? Our hands are tied. I have no problem doing everything in my power to help any customer and if there is a problem I’m there - 100% to help. But they don’t get our messages. We can’t call them and now we can’t even post a public reply to a review in the slim hopes that they might get some feedback.

Customer Service in the Dark. I guess they want third party sellers to have the same horrible customer service that they have. It seems like it is by design.


This is great. I noticed that some bots went around posting on reviews promoting their services.