No lithium-ion batteries can be sold on Amazon anymore?


I just received an email from Amazon and they said sellers should remove all the 14500 16340 18650 20700 21700 and 26650 batteries?
Anyone got this email?


Would you mind posting the email and the email address that it was sent to you?


I also got it a few days ago, logged in today and all of my 18650 listings are inactive :frowning:

Sad thing is there are still many 18650 listings, so I wonder if they are skirting around the hazmat regulations and not including the required labeling while the honest sellers got burned.

I wish Amazon provided a heads up to this or maybe provide a way to re-package these for sale.


We are contacting you as our records show that you may be selling Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery cells, which Amazon defines as an electromechanical unit with high energy density, commonly used in consumer electronics and other items.

To ensure the safety of our customers, starting August 9, listings for cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery cells, in the sizes listed below, will be removed from Amazon and you will no longer be able to sell these products. We are not accepting applications to sell these products.

Sizes for standalone cylindrical cells are - 14500, 16340, 18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650

Please refer to our Help topic for more information:

Thank you for doing business with Amazon.
Amazon Services

Note for FBA Sellers: If you have Cylindrical Lithium Battery inventory in our fulfillment centers, please request removal within 30 days. Instructions for creating a removal order can be found at:

You will receive reimbursement for removal fees within 60 days from the date the removal order is completed. Payments for all removal fees will appear in the Transaction view tab of your Payments report. In the ‘Filter view by’ drop-down list, select ‘Other’, and then look for the Miscellaneous adjustments in the Product Details column.


About this problems, what we can do to solve it?


Can you let all of us know which part of this email sent to Vol-Tech wasn’t clear?


hm…wonder why they would care about self-fulfilled offers? those seem to be under the gun also…

sounds like this specific type of battery is the only type being banned.

Other lithium ion batteries are used in many consumer electronics…banning them altogether would not be feasible. I just listed some lithium ion cells as a replacement battery for drones; no issues creating the listing.


Can we provide some safety information to appeal?


Definition of prohibited. : not permitted : forbidden by authority.


So what do they consider a laptop battery or a phone battery. Considerably higher energy density than a D cell size battery…

With that exact same model banning high energy density batteries why do they allow the sale of battery powered vacuum cleaners, drills, power tools and just about most items that do no specify nicad or NiMh technology batteries.

Have they never looked at those items, significantly higher current capacity than individual cells.


As we know though that doesn’t mean anything. Amazon allows listings for prohibited items all the time. Sellers will get suspended for selling them eventually …

Bottom line is :

Examples of prohibited listings

  • Cylindrical lithium ion cell battery types: 14500, 16340, 18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650


They need to check their calendar. There are still loads of them available… well beyond August 9.:roll_eyes:


hi, it’s from


i think these cylindrical lithium batteries must be a specific rare-ish type of battery…I have lithium ion-containing products (drones, etc.) and batteries alone, and I got no such emails/alerts…

and frankly too lazy to research cylindrical lithium ion batteries…mine are all flat :slight_smile:

still wondering why they’d prohibit the sale from self-fulfillers…


Not so much. You’d find them in Vapes stuff (Vaporizers)

I suspect the issue is twofold:

  • Vape related use
  • Prone to be used incorrectly



Is there going to be a lot of dumping on eBay?


Yep, that might very well be the issue.

Vape stores will be happy!!

Search “vape battery” 990 active listing.

A lay search from the search bar can find them. So why are “bots” not doing it.

“vape” returns 8000 results…

Try this one:

“vape pens for smoking marijuana oil”

69 active listings EVEN PRIME!!!, did I out smart the “bots” or this something else going on.


I actually figured this after talking to my son.

All I had to do was ask him what battery is used in the Vape … and before I finished he said “18650”

I know at one time a battery got extremely hot while he was with me and he jumped out of my truck (thankfully I was stopped) and threw it on the ground. It burned up !

I know he had mod’d it though …


…And the 26650 will offer “More burn for the buck”!


Does this mean that products CONTAINING these batteries are prohibited? Or just a listing for the battery as a standalone product?



Yes it does.

But vape devices are already prohibited.

And the odds of a vape device which uses these batteries exploding in use is high. And family members of some Amazon sellers have experienced this.