"No fulfillment centers are currently available to receive the total quantity of dangerous goods units in this shipment"


Has anyone else come across the issue of not being able to send any items to FBA that uses lithium ion batteries?

When using amazon shipping workflow, we are being prevented to move forward with the following ERROR message “No fulfillment centers are currently available to receive the total quantity of dangerous goods units in this shipment”

After contacting Amazon Support, they advised that the reason most of the SKUs I am trying to replenish are considered dangerous goods, is due to the lithium batteries. All the amazon warehouses that deal with those products are currently full and those products cannot be shipped FBA at the moment. I asked if there was a way to see the fulfillment center status to know when we can ship them but i was told there is none.

80% of my products are electronics that are chargeable (Wireless)

Is anyone else dealing with this issue?!?!


Yes, I received the same error and am not sure what to do either. Have you seen any solution yet?


As of right now ive been doing it through Seller Centrals New Workflow.
Are you coming across this issue by chance?


No exact solution just yet!
I’ve been periodically been able to send small amount, but I havent figured out exactly what allowed some of those shipment to go through.

I had reached out to seller support and this was the answer that i felt WASNT as generic as the other support reps have been telling me:

"Amazon sets a maximum allowable quantity limit for dangerous goods in fulfillment centers, according to the established regulatory framework for each facility. These limits help to ensure the health and safety of fulfillment center employees and compliance with local regulations.

Dangerous goods are categorized into hazard types, for example, flammable liquids or toxic substances. Each of these hazard types has a defined maximum allowable quantity limit in each fulfillment center.

When you create a shipment, if a dangerous goods SKU exceeds the maximum allowable quantity limit at the selected fulfillment center, you’ll see an error message. To resolve the error message, follow these steps:

  1. Reduce the quantity of the SKU or remove the SKU. If you reduce the quantity, it might be necessary to repeat this step until the quantity is below the fulfillment center’s limit.

  2. Create a new shipment for any dangerous goods that you were unable to include in your shipment in the previous step. Creating a new shipment will identify if those items can be shipped to an alternative fulfillment center that is under its limit.

  3. For any items that you were unable to include in the previous two steps, please create a shipment at a later date. The dangerous goods inventory at each fulfillment center changes regularly, and when inventory falls below the quantity limit, you’ll be able to create a shipment. "


I encountered the same problem this last week. I use Inventory Lab to list everything and it wouldn’t let me create the shipment (with the “no available hazmat centers” error)
I used Sellerchamp to create the shipments and it worked just fine. Now, that doesn’t make a lot of logical sense since the issue is on Amazon’s side (not with the software) all I can tell you is it worked (and it was a fair amount of product that I sent in) I can’t tell you for sure that will work for you since you’re creating your shipments direct in seller central, but it did work for me at least this once. Sellerchamp has a 14 day trial if you want to try it out. I’m not an affiliate.or anything. I just find the software useful (and this isn’t the first time I’ve been able to send in items using their software when Inventory Lab said I couldn’t). Hope this helps!


Great information!

I just created the same shipment through The “OLD WORKFLOW” and it allowed me to process this shipment all the way through.

This is sounding like these other software’s that use the old workflow method are bypassing these restrictions that have been implemented :thinking:


Sounds like that’s what is happening! I’m sure at some point, Amazon will start implementing these restrictions across the board- which will make things challenging, but for now, I’m glad you found a work around!


My ultimate theory on the scenario is that the new workflow has a bug in it.

It seems that the NWFlow is reading lithium ion (Class 9) products under the same restrictions as Flammable or Aerosol Dangerous Goods. Thus giving this error.

Its really unbelievable that they would be putting these restrictions on products with batteries. That’s like 1/3 of the products being sold on Amazon.

It might be best to shine the light to this scenario first in order to get this resolved a lot sooner.


Thank you for the communication!
The information you provided us was really helpful.
Ill keep this thread updated with what i get back from Seller Support.

Hopefully this bug gets fixed before it starts getting really busy at the fulfillment centers!


Did anyone find a solution for this issue?


I havent come to a conclusion but i did reach out to Amazon about it.

Did you try the old work flow to get around it?


Old workflow isn’t available anymore is it?


Having the same issue on 57 SKUs. What a nightmare this new “Send to Amazon” workflow is… Huge upset to our shipment processing speed.


Old Workflow was still available on our end as of last week but I’m no longer able to go to the OLD workflow as of just now.


Do you use an API software to manage your shipments? That may be the best work around this issue as of now.

I personally use Sellercloud, but have been looking into other shipping software as an alternative.
SellerChamp was recommended in the thread above.

Maybe give that a shot?


No API Software here. Does the software still let you use the old workflow or how does that work?


Yeah, i believe it uses the same methods that the old work flow did.

We haven’t received this same issue via the New Workflow as of this week.

Have you seen that error message as of this week?


Yes, have been trying all day today.

I’ve created a post on the forums about it and a case with seller support - I sell mainly electronics, If I create single unit shipment for all the items, I can progress with the single SKU in the shipment workflow, if they are all together or even just 3 of them will trigger the system to give the dangerous good error message and won’t let me progress to the next step of the shipment.


Distributionsolution, mentioned above that sellerchamp has a free 14 day trial and they were able to bypass that error with sellerchamp.

That might be a work around that is worth trying for now?


I signed up for the trial but this software also seems a bit slow and the API isn’t registering half my inactive inventory. The process is just totally messed up… Any one else been able to fix this issue? Seller Support has yet to respond.


Checking in,

Were you able to get to a solution?