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we are selling handmade products over Amazon Germany. Customers can customize their products with their name. We have build our own fulfillment process for this kind of products and I need to get the Customized Info, which are placed in an order.
I found some other threads about this topic, but everything I tried, didn’t work.
I am using the SP-API GET /orders/v0/orders/{orderId}/orderItems/buyerInfo
When I execute the script with a order, the “BuyerCustomizedInfo” array are empty.
[BuyerCustomizedInfo] => Array
Yesterday I read in another thread, that I need to activate the “Customization info” and “Customized URLs” in the order reports. I have just done and when I download the report manual I can see the Customized URL. But if I try with SP-API, it is still empty. Has someone an idea?


Does your API role include PII (Personally Identifiable Information)?

As I understand it, without PII access, the API will always return certain fields that contain buyer information as blank.

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Thanks for your response. I have no idea. I have only sed up the AWS User and Role like in the in Guide of GitHub

Where can I set the PII option ?


To my knowledge…you can’t control if your API calls return PII or not. Amazon controls that setting behind the scenes. When you submitted your Developer Application and Assessment form, you were asked which roles you needed. Check your application and let us know which roles you selected and which you did not select. Only the restricted roles get access to PII.

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I received an email from Amazon support. To get Access to certain data, I need to update my developer account. For that, I need to go to my developer account and have to specify, why I need these data. There are some text fields I have to fill, some questions like “Describe the network protection controls used by your organisation to restrict public access to databases, file servers and desktop/developer endpoints.” or “Describe where your organisation stores Amazon Information at rest and provide details on any encryption algorithm used.”

Have you already done this before?


Everyone that requires PII data has had to go through the same questionnaire.


Yes. You are on the right track. As Buildcom mentioned, everyone who requests PII must go through the same process. Amazon has strict security rules you must follow if you have access to PII.

Before answering those questions, I advise you to study these Amazon policies carefully and confirm your computing environment meets the rules:

Per developer FAQ item 8, if you need help meeting the requirements you can hire someone to help you:

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