No answer from MWS Support


Hello together,
We had to reapply for our MWS Developer Credentials and as many others have now been waiting for an answer from the MWS Developer Registration Team for more than 30 days.
It doesn’t sound that bad but that is only since we sent the last Plan of action. All in all, we have already been waiting for nearly 10 months now (the whole issue started in March 2019).
We have already tried to get MWS access without PII just to clean up our inventory. But we keep getting the same answer from seller support, that we have to wait 30 days for the Developer Support.
The 30 days since we submitted our last Plan of Action expired on Dec 20 and it doesn’t look like we can come to an end this year.
Does anyone have any advice on how we can speed this up?


My case opened in Feb of 2019 and is still pending.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA