NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the Brand Registry process


Dear Amazon,

How am I to trust that if I do get a trademark that I will get approved?

I applied over and over before the new requirements, and was denied over and over and never got a reason why or a path moving forward. So if I get this trademark will I be denied again, for no logical reason that makes any sense? It’s a very good possibility which is an unfair position for an independent small business who can’t rely on Amazon to make reasonable decisions.

So do I have legal recourse if I waste a bunch time and spend money on something that isn’t legally necessary, all to appease a company that has no accountability to it’s sellers, and am denied again?

Many of us sellers’ lively hoods are hanging in the balance of these decisions . I can’t waste money on a trademark if I get denied again with no recourse.

They probably aren’t feeling yet, but they will feel the pain of the unfair treatment given to us sellers, as we all go elsewhere to sell our products.


You have no legal recourse if Amazon does not accept you into the Brand Registry program.

You do have an alternative to BR. you can get UPC numbers and list your items on Amazon without Brand Registry.


Yeah I didn’t think so, but it would be pretty crappy to get denied after all those hoops.

I have my own UPC’s, which they tried to make me switch, but luckily I won that battle.

Problem is I can’t add EBC. That’s is all I really care about.


The approval process

You provide all of the input that Amazon requires.
Amazon evaluates the input and decides if it wants your brand.

You are guaranteed that they will decide, not how they will decide.

Spending money solely to please Amazon is a risky process, they are known to be fickle and hard to please.

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