Nintendo Authorization Required on Halloween


I received an email from Amazon today, 10/31/19, stating that starting on 10/31/19 (also today) Amazon requires approval to sell Nintendo products in used condition. I am already authorized to sell Nintendo products in new condition.

Why am I authorized to sell in new but not used?

Where do I go to get a letter from Nintendo authorizing me to sell their products?

Why was no notice given for me to comply?

I went Nintendo’s website and searched for a good amount of time trying to find a contact for my specific need, to no avail.

I appreciate any insight. I will take it in the form of kind guidance or snarky responses, if they are helpful. Today is Halloween so any puns or jokes relative to this issue are welcomed and encouraged. Thank you


Several threads on this topic. Nintendo.


How did you become authorized to sell new? I would think it would follow the same process.


Too many counterfeit Nintendo Game titles were being sold on Amazon.

You will need to discuss this with your Nintendo Sales rep.


Please check this thread where the issue is already being discussed:


What the heck is going on? All of used legacy systems that I sell on Amazon has been restricted. I sell gameboys units, DS units, DSi units, and 3DS. You cannot find the legacy equipment in NEW condition, but rather USED. All used and upto to quality for many years now. I made a small business in buying used equipment and flipping them here at Amazon.
Why all of the sudden, poof; my inventory is not available for sale?