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Hi Sellers, My name is Cooper! Some of my specialty areas include: Prime Video, social media, customer service, and building community. Outside of Amazon , I am passionate about the entertainment/music industry, social media, fashion, Seattle sports, exotic cars and dogs. I can’t wait to hang out and support everyone in the forums. Looking forward to having some fun and insightful discussions.

Entire Shipment Lost with no Resolution

Are these still only basically for Account Health? Or, will some monitor the SOA General and other areas?


Thank you for this thread @SEAmod!


Good afternoon, my name is Bea! My specialty areas include Brand Registry & Protection, CPG, and product listings. Outside Amazon I love hanging out with my family at home, snuggling with my pug, Archie, and creating stained glass artwork. I’m excited to be a part of this great community ~ can’t wait to jump in!


All right, I’ll bite. :laughing: Fair warning… the excitement wears off quickly.

When you say your specialty areas include ‘the buy box’, what exactly does that mean?

Does that mean you’ll address questions like why Amazon’s algorithms awards the Buy Box to a sleazy Chinese seller listing a counterfeit product at half the price of the legit product? I’d very much like to know why Amazon promotes those counterfeits from unethical sellers over the legitimate product from their ‘valued selling partners’. When we see Amazon engage in this terrible behavior, what avenues do we have to get it stopped?

I’d also like to know why Amazon’s algorithms award the Buy Box to Amazon itself with “Usually ships in 1-2 months” instead of another seller who has it in stock right now?

Are these the type of questions you can/will address?

Thank you, and welcome.


OK so why the swoosh on the avatar? Does this denote some specialty or is it a way of differentiating?
Is there a new class of Mod? Or a new class of AHT?
@Bea_Amazon @Cooper_Amazon more info please


Are these still only basically for Account Health? Or, will some monitor the SOA General and other areas?

Hello @Oneida. We are not additional members of the Account Health team, and they’ll still be responding to sellers in that category. We will be monitoring Selling on Amazon and beyond.

And while I’m here: I have ‘met’ a few of you already and am looking forward to improving the seller experience through our forums. Outside Amazon I love hiking with my dog, and watching old movies when I really should be out hiking with my dog. :dog:

Seller Help "Debit and Pre-Paid cards"

Hi Sellers! My name is Marquise and I’m excited to be a part of Seller Forums! My areas of interest at Amazon are Premium Beauty, Brand Stores, Detail Page optimization, Digital Merchandising and Marketing, and Brand Registry. Outside of work I enjoy running and using my Peloton, spending time with friends, cooking, and baking.


Is anyone going to reply on the Change of Address fees thread?
UPS says talk to Amazon and Amazon says talk to UPS, in a nutshell.


Welcome mods. I hope you’ll actually answer questions outside of account health. It’s an oxymoron considering in order to have an account suspended you have to do something wrong. So why would people who screw up get assistance but everyone else in good standing is left out in the cold.

And can one of you mods tell me why a laptop isn’t considered a personal computer when it comes to referral fee? personal computers is 6% but laptop listings are 8%. A laptop is considered a personal computer since they both have all the same components.


:smile: I am thrilled to see this thread (perhaps due to @ThisIsTheWay’s suggestion?) AND the new Forum mod avatars (I am totally taking credit)! Definitely looking forward to how the community evolves with these new additions.

@SEAmod, I am thankful that you have a larger team to share some of your load.

Are y’all all part of the Community Advisors team, or the whole CAT, or are there CAT members not on the Forum, or…???


Hi @gr8t153,

The smile is the new brand that we have been asked to use. We are retiring the “a” in favor of the friendly smile!



We are retiring the “a” in favor of the friendly smile!

I have to say… I have a big negative reaction every time I see that smile. Definitely not ‘friendly’, IMO. But the darker colored background is an improvement.


Hi @papyrophilia,

I am also thankful to have a larger team to work with in our forums.

We are all part of the Amazon Communities team, and yes we have additional team members who are working on some exciting things that we believe will improve your experience here in our forums.




I’d like to call you out personally for this gem of a response -

I got a great laugh out of it, thank you! I see that the thread has now been deleted so I couldn’t link to your post directly, but KUDOS.

Anyone who didn’t see the original thread won’t get it, but I laughed so hard!


Thanks for this notice @SEAmod. You probably don’t realize how at sea we often feel getting so little feedback from Amazon at any level, and having to guess about almost everything.


Better than what I was thinking. Looked like a “Nike Style” swoosh and I was afraid any of you guys getting it wrong would mean you got kicked to the curb…

Just kidding. You can add a dozen more people and STILL not have enough help.


Thanks for bringing up. They told me to pound sand. I expect I’ll be getting out my pail and shovel here too!


Glad to hear of the increased staffing and looking forward to the improvements.

Just one tip for the old and new peeps on your team, when you pop into a thread, first of all read the thread and respond to the problem. Just do not click a standard response to meet your quota for the day.

Well two tips, second is when you do pop into a post and say you will get back to them, get back to them. Too often the OP thinks the mod is handling it and weeks go by, no feedback or further posts from mod even when they are tagged.