New trend in evil buyer -even for FBM


recently received 5-6 evil buys out of 40 orders, which is pretty much high, even for a discontinued printer, even the printers are FBM. (yes, FBM, not FBA!)
The new tricks are:

  1. claim received one broken and not working

  2. request return label from amazon, instead of from seller , even for FBM order

  3. MOST EVIL TRICK: peel off the serial number sticker from new printer (in and out) and carefully re-attached to the used, broken printer and return it!! by doing that, the serial number on the box is same as Serial number on the printer, and if you don’t exam carefully, you will think the returned one is same one as you shipped out, which in fact, is not. Sometimes, they will even put some tapes around printer to pretend to be a new, just opened one, as the one you send.

watch out and be careful.


Back when we sold expensive stuff we used tamper tags that if removed are destroyed and they are serialized.

It worked really good we actually got the original item back.

We did get a few emails from “upset” buyers. Pretty obvious they were stopped before the damage is done.

Mcmaster part number 20195T5

The cost for these is returned quickly…


Additionally, if the item has a cover / case that can be removed and internal parts like a circuit board that are easy to swap around use a tag. Place the tamper tag over screw that must be removed to the get the cover off.


This only works for used items, If you open the package to put the sticker on the item then it no longer “New” and that will get you in more trouble with Amazon.


great suggestion. definitely will give a shot.


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