New tool to improve the quality of your listings


This is probably why our books disappear, they’ve been messing with this.


Its likely that only the beta testers, you, and @SelfCare_Plus had any idea what this was a month ago! :grin: Aren’t you glad the rest of us have finally been caught up to speed with the announcement here? :wink:

@AReadersDelight, my items are all products that I’ve sold at least once, but I’m willing to bet that there are plenty of Sellers with your same experience.

Must be a s l o w rollout. :sweat:


I’m always the last one picked for the team. :blush:
But in this case, VERY happy to just sit back and observe. Early results don’t look promising as to the depth of testing that went into this one.


Thank you for allowing me to bring this question up… Can this tool help those that need discription of gender in their listings? in my case… we have exhasted all of those available to choose from, and yet, my listing is still “SURPRESSED” I truly can use some help.

Thank you once again :+1:


Bamazon is excited - now that’s a first!


@papyrophilia @Direct_HiT
lol, obviously you are not a mother looking for that sparkle in the eye of her son or daughter, when they see their party decked out in their favorit sport or fantasy THEME


Still needs a little tweaking. Good to see the links are now working. But almost every one of my items asks for age range. If you go to the product, both “Manufacturer Age Range” and “Mfg Age Range” are displayed in the Product Information portion of the listing.

Also, when it asks for “flavor” of Peanut Butter… yea I think it might need tweaking.

Could be beneficial if it applies the updates as requested. But if I have the same product as someone else, and they update the attribute before me, does that remove it from my list of items needing updating?


I don’t see that blue link in Manage Inventory. I just click on the “You can also access it here” link. Oh well, I’ll add this to bookmark.


A lot doesn’t make sense. On a book or magazine: They want Color and Paint type. I can understand size and weight but if the book is black and the illustration shows a black book, that should be sufficient.


I didn’t realize this was an issue, but I have tried to get 2 books listed for over a day - I’ve submitted a few times so not sure what’s wrong as the other books showed up within a few minutes.


Once again this is a ridiculous new change that is scaring the heck out of me and absolutely nuts. This is probably why my BOOK listings are not showing up. They’re asking for the “input voltage” and “power plug type” on a KID’S Book. Come people are you serious?


Mine says: Listing Quality Dashboard is expanding to more product types in the future. Please check back later.

My product types/category aren’t typically the first one(s) to receive the rollout anyway.


When it was in Beta and I guess only a few of us had the option, there was a feedback link and I posted feedback to Amazon that Booksellers should not be included as most things were not related to books. Like power plug and input voltage. Since then the tool has disappeared from my inventory page.


Well, no interest shown so far in what I sent…guess it’s another take a number take a seat. You @papyrophilia must have the magic touch if you inquired with them and received a prompt reply…either that or they are scared of you! :smile:


I like the new tools! But I find the attributes I filled in with some errors, how can I edit them with correct ones?


OK, Fine if the improvements work to our benefit; However in recent days about every third item [books] that we attempt to list fails to get added to our inventory sometimes for hours and Many Times not at all.
Yet we are able to add the same item to Ebay or Biblio without a problem.
I think someone at Amazon is trying to kill the goose that laid the golden egg!
I have talked to 6 other book sellers across the country that are all experiencing the same problems…


They asked which surface was preferred for my stickers: walls, ceilings, furniture… I’m pretty sure that’s the list of where parents don’t want my stickers stuck.


A hammer has always worked for me. You just tap gently on the side of the screen, and if you’re patient, some sales eventually drop.


If you have feedback on this tool, please email the team. I reached out wondering about the ability to have it export out a spreadsheet so that we could update the listings via a bulk upload, and they replied in less than 12 hours saying that feature will be coming hopefully around October. They really seem to want feedback around this tool, so please share it with them.

I have replied back asking about how this tool handles brand controlled listings since there is no real point of them showing in our dashboard if we can’t make changes to the listings. Will update when I have a reply.


This listing quality tool is totally blank on my page. I find that a bit hard to believe, does everyone else have info showing up? I get:

0 recommendations found.

  • Listing Quality Dashboard will include more product types in the future. Please check back later.