New tool to improve the quality of your listings


We are excited to announce the launch of the Listing Quality Dashboard, a tool on Seller Central that highlights important product information for customers. By adding the recommended information for your products on the Listing Quality Dashboard, you can:

  • Improve discovery: Customers filter their search results using specific attributes. Adding these attributes will ensure that customers don’t miss your product when it meets the customer requirements and the filters are used.
  • Enable the Product Overview experience (beta): Product Overview is a new experience that will highlight important product attributes above the bullet points on the product detail page. This will help customers evaluate your product easily and make a faster buying decision. This experience is currently available for a limited number of product types and we are working to enable this for more product types.
  • Potentially reduce customer returns: Customers often return products due to a lack of critical product information on the detail page, e.g. compatibility features for headphones and cables. By adding more information, you might reduce the number of returns.
  • Take time-sensitive actions: The tool will highlight listing information that needs to be filled in by a certain date in order to prevent possible suppression.

Visit the Listing Quality Dashboard in Seller Central by navigating to Inventory, followed by Manage Inventory, and then clicking Listing Quality Dashboard. You can also access it here. Refer to the help page to learn more.

Keep checking the Listing Quality Dashboard every week to review your latest listing quality improvement recommendations. Please send any feedback by emailing us at or using the Feedback widget at the bottom of the dashboard.


:open_mouth: I suspect that this might actually be a helpful tool for Sellers! Thanks, Amazon!–although you’re kinda weirding me out…

:star_struck: Even more so, kudos to the LQD team on a useful and clear Help page at Listing Quality dashboard. The Tips even anticipated some of my questions, especially 2 and 3.

Hope y’all are monitoring this thread as well as soliciting email feedback! :+1:


Can we please have new tools that differentiate between active and inactive inventory? I checked out the Listing Quality Dashboard. It has 52 listings for me. A quick examination shows that only 1 or 2 are listed in my active inventory.

If and when I decide to activate those titles I will take a look at improving the listing quality. For now the list is of no value to me.


I can’t access this new feature “listing quality dashboard” under unventory / manage inventory. It doesn’t show.
When i go directly through the link, it shows me all my listings but even the ones that are inactive and it’s not worth spending the time to update inactive listings. It would of been better to be able to update my active listings only.


I would rather you guys focus on the problem of why book listings are taking upwards of a week to show in our inventory, if at all, but you’ve all been rather silent on that…


Curious – if one does not “own the PDP” will any of our attempts to “improve the quality” of the listing even matter? Trying to improve the quality of a listing now is beyond exasperating.


I get the exact same result. Maybe it’s only on some categories at this point? I sell only books.



When I go into Manage Inventory the Listing Dashboard link shows to the far right. When I open it, it just shows the item and the suggestions for correcting – mine doesn’t show whether active or inactive.

So back to my earlier question — if I now say my “Theme” is Water Cup and any of the current 16 other sellers on this listing have the same “Theme” for their Quality Dashboard and one says HOLDER and another says DRINK and another says DISPOSABLE … who’s “Quality” suggestion will be selected to Enhance this listing? Why would a paper cup need a “theme” in the first place? :roll_eyes:


:+1: I had the same question. Luckily, there’s an option for that!
From upthread:


But that wasn’t a given for the THEME suggestion. When I did the “enhancement” the box for diameter only had the Not Relevant option to select…theme did not. Now if you have numerous suggestion boxes and only one or two offer the Not Relevant…will that apply to all the other boxes or just those that contain the option?

It’s like so much on Amazon these days…one step forward three steps back, turn around, jump up and down, wait and bam…it’s something new (definition: time consuming madness) and it’s changed again!

They seem sincerely interested! :crossed_fingers::sweat_smile:


I have a book which this dashboard says is "missing the “cup” size for the brassiere associated with the ISBN. Oh well…


OK @papyrophilia – you’ve tweaked my curiosity even more dagnabbit! So I’ve taken a leap and sent an inquiry. Fingers crossed indeed. I admit…I am a bit skeered. :fearful:


LOL — oh Amazon, you be too funny…over the next days, weeks…well the laughs will be a mile a minute.


:laughing: Don’t be scared! They truly seem interested in our thoughts and continued improvement…thus far, at least.

We’ll be watching to see if their actions back up their pretty words. :face_with_monocle:


How many associates do you think they have assigned to deal with the flood??

And how may months, no I mean weeks, no I mean days to get back to you??

As stated above, LOL

I wish I had the option on my page, I’d love to play!


@booknut7, I don’t have the menu item on Seller Central, either. I use the link in the OP:


Clicking on that link gets me the same as @luxel as mentioned above.

The result is my list of items, just as if I clicked on “inventory.” Nothing new to play with :wink:


Anybody else show products on this new Listing Quality Dashboard that they have never even sold? I have no active listings for anything on there and there are some (dolls) that I’ve never sold at all in my entire time on FBA - about 10 years.


This tool was already posted previously

Listing Quality Dashboard