New to FBA


Hi, there:
I am new to Amazon, I started with fulfilling by myself. Now I am thinking of FBA. There is something I need to know before sending FBA shipments. Thanks in advance.
Please allow me to take an expample to illutrate my question.
For expample,I change an item to “FBA” today, I prepare the products and then ship to Amazon warehouse, all the preparation and shipment shall take one month. So from today on to it actually become an FBA item, in this period of time, what is the status of the item that appears on Could customers still make order of this item?
Looking to reply.
Thanks a lot


Change the item to FBA only long enough to create a shipment to Amazon (10-15 minutes). Change it back to FBM immediately and customers will still be able to buy your item from you. When your FBA shipment arrives at the warehouse and the items are ready to sell change the status from FBM to FBA and the items at the warehouse will appear on the listing as FBA. Don’t worry, it is perfecty ok to send items to FBA while your listing is showing FBM.

Or, copy your item’s offer, give the copy a new SKU and set one to be FBA and the other FBM.


If you convert FBM directly to FBA, your store will show that the goods are out of stock, and you can only purchase the goods after the scan is completed after the goods arrive at the amazon warehouse.
Perhaps you can create another one to use and convert FBM to FBA after your goods arrive at the FBA warehouse.