New Title Restrictions or get Search suppression


Its in the News on your seller central home page.

I can tell this is going to be a giant crap show based on previous selling experiences with Amazon.

How many times have you tried to change the title, and even as the sole seller of something the change just wont happen?

Does anyone know if we will be able to know what listings “violate” the title restrictions?


@shurtleff, please check this post in the original thread, if interested:


If it requires any effort to fix these pages, I might not fix any with a lot of competition.

I can stand more suppressed listings than some of my competitors can, and I assume that after these listings are fixed there qill be a merge marathon.

Such long overdue policy changes bring out the worst in me


The problem with this is less sales because the titles include keywords that lead to more search pages. Less keywords equals less sales. This place is done. Put a fork in it.


This has the potential to be a three alarm s show …hopefully Amazon realizes that it is one of if not the biggest violator of title guidelines and is busy fixing them all now.


Except fewer keywords in the title will also result in fewer buyers fleeing in disgust from the low class catalog pages which mark some product categories.


So… how does one EFFECTIVELY go about fixing titles on pages? As a book merchant - I am VERY unlikely to put any effort in this - especially since ALL previous efforts I’ve made in the past have been in vain. (Thanks a lot SS. Literally tried. Now you are taking ASINs out of search that aren’t correct. good job guys. #rant)


Hi all–Be sure to post your questions in the original thread:

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