New Sold As Used - IT HAPPENED TO US


I think it’s a lost cause that Amazon will ever address this, but man it just is awful when it happens. The threshold for SKU suppression has to be increased. You can’t sell 1000 of an item and then 1 customer mentions the keywords used new in their return reason and the SKU is shut down. I mean - how can you allow sellers with 60-70% feedback scores with obvious issues, but then ban sku’s when there’s ONE random comment on it.


Isn’t that the truth, @pascal? It’s unreal how they immediately disable an SKU because of one person with some certain keyword they are looking for. It really should be if the SKU gets over some reasonable threshold, not any time it happens, which a lot of times is just a bot mis-interpreting.


Perhaps the buyer has a pig they bought this for, and never heard the old saying.


Same thing happen to me in April. They still have not fixed it. I’m not out as much as you, but it was my best seller.


I think it’s time to stop using FBA altogether, and in whole- Amazon. They don’t care about us, and only profits and buyers.


Along the same lines, if you send a package with several items and there is a complaint about only one, all items get flagged as used sold as new. Absurd.


Amazon is a Dog Eat Dog Market place. Good Luck.


Even after all we have been through I would disagree with you on this one. Not using FBA is not a good option for the category we are in. I’m not packing hundreds of shipments myself a day. Paying a 3PL to do it, on top of increased freight over the $3.31 Amazon fee will put the operation in the red. Amazon does care, it’s gotten too big for then to police the way they should. That’s the problem. I know who is doing this to us. I have 4 provable hard evidence TOS violations on them plus my suspected fake negative reviews and reports. Spent a day compiling the evidence, reported it and nothing happened. That’s what makes me sad.


No kidding. IPI in the 700’s, 4.9 star seller avg, no account health issues ever. Just like that, they shut it down. How bout contacting us first so we can explain the issue… I’m thankful I got this resolved in under 4 hours. We are back up.


I’m going to give Amazon some credit on this one. Got the email at 8:04PM and I appealed and got the item back up by midnight. I understand why they do what they do. Just wish we could get the benefit of the doubt up front and have 24 hours to respond before they pull the plug, damage sales, and most importantly rank.


I’m talking about an opt in feature by seller. Of course it wouldn’t be a one size fits all program for the reasons you describe.


Amazon did the right thing by us. Back up in under 4 hours and for that, we are thankful. Something needs to be done about all the competitive sabotage. I know exactly what happened here and who’s responsible and there is nothing I can do about it apparently. Their fake negative rating strategy wasn’t working anymore because we were getting too many real positive reviews to cancel the avg effect. That or they ran out of friends. So they moved to this. Wondering what’s next. We are working with retailers outside of Amazon right now for national distribution. I would love to continue to work with Amazon to get more of our product out there but it’s not worth the constant worrying about where the next land mine is. That’s sad. We are seasoned retail / manufacturing professionals with decades of experience. It never crossed my mind that there would be seller to seller sabotage on this platform with no way to combat it.


You know what. I could have sworn that I had refurb off. Checked last night while this was going on and it was on! It’s now off. Judging by the programs definition this may help the issue but because of the product type I’m not sure in this instance. Better to have it off and hope for the best.


I opened a case on the stranded. But, it fixed itself in an hour thankfully. Closed the case. Back to business…


The same thing happened to me but a much smaller scale. I am sorry.


I see this post has gained a lot of popularity and it’s showing as a top post on the widget.

I want to use this opportunity to wish all my fellow sellers the very best. I want to thank all of you that helped us get this resolved which it has been.

I want to thank Amazon support for resolving the issue in record time.

I’m also hopeful that a Moderator or 2 will see this post so I am sharing the case # which has all the evidence you would ever need to oust a very bad seller, one we believe is behind a lot of sabotage, has broken many TOS, and is potentially endangering Amazon customers. I filed this report a few months ago and nothing happened. I am available at the phone number on our account 24/7, 365 days a year to discuss this with anyone at Amazon. The world would be a better place without them on this platform. Case # 7276478611



Im dealing with this right now :frowning: 278 units stranded ATM for one complaint.

We have submitted multiple POA and no luck.


@Dogtamer posted some great info on this thread on the best way to set up a POA. I’ve taken a copy of it for future use (hopefully not). Wishing you luck my friend.


I have my book sold at USED/almost New for a cheaper price, I have been dealing with these lies for the last year. This a Amazon dirty business practice, and Amazon completes with the author by buying thru there own Bookstore and then being in the BUY BOX. Amazon needs to be more honest or if they are also able to sell USED/New and also Sold by Amazon and Fulfilled by Amazon, then amazon should not charge us for a monthly fee for selling on Amazon platform.


interested in how to set up the return automatically destroy policy? please help!