New Sold As Used - IT HAPPENED TO US


This is clearly a competitor causing problems. This has happened everyday by people who try to control what other’s are doing. Fight it.


"As a new seller, it is really concerning to hear that other sellers attack the competition in such a vicious way "
Happens all the time.


It took me 6 weeks to get back on. Amazon is in no hurry. As far as i concern I don’t think they care one way or the other.


Are you using Amazon refurbishment services? It is the default when your account is set up.

We had a similar thing happen to us. We wrote a detailed plan of action, which included turning off Amazon refurbishment services. The appeal was accepted almost immediately.

Good luck!


You will not get your ranking back. Good luck and Welcome to Amazon


Sadly an example of customer dishonesty. This WAS a brand new rare lipstick. It sold for $35 plus. Customer sent it back…That’s what I got.


I need to add this to my favorite… Just to be prepared.


Yes it is unfortunate I had a big account making millions of dollars on Amazon for over 7 years with thousands of feedbacks until Amazon started to take these fake complaints used sold as new. During Christmas 2019 I was targeted because I had 40% buy box wins and got hit with 14 fake complaints USED sold as New back to back all in December.
It was a competitor Amazon selller Media Vision aka Video Game Exchange all the complaints tracking numbers to these orders were redirected to a California address that matched thier address now that Amazon shows every sellers name and address in the open for everyone to see I was able to match them. Unfortunately Amazon did not think how this policy can be used as a wepon to take out competitors by creating fake buying account and paying with a Amazon gift card then redirect the mail and call in to make fake complaints saying used sold new. It is wrong and Amazon is not seeing the problem. I hope everyone the best but the Pandora box has been opened and we have a major glitch in the matrix sellers are targeting sellers it’s a full on rat race on Amazon now. Save your selfs while you can pull your inventories out FBA to protect your selfs until Amazon fixes this we are all targets and there is nothing we can do Amazon only will accept 1 appeal if you have invoices after that they don’t care it is automatic algorithm response program.


Same thing happened with one of our sku’s. We have been trying since April to get it reinstated. Product performance team I am being told is backlogged.


You are assuming you received a legitimate “used sold as new” complaint. I have received this complaint on an fbm item that was most definitely new, tagged, and sealed. There is no way the buyer thought it was used, but they still made that complaint.


Yeah, there is usually no such complaint at all. Just an amabot that sees a certain keyword such as used or scratched in a review or return request and sends you a message claiming there was a complaint.


That sucks. What was the reason for return?. Could it have melted due to high temps anywhere along the delivery route?


Having returns automatically destroyed is NOT a good idea. I sold Navigator watches on AZ for $170 each. I sure as hell don’t want them destroyed if some one doesn’t like the way it feels on his wrist and returns it.


I just got a Used Sold as New because a customer I was troubleshooting issues with in their email said “We used the item 2 times and it broke”.

The bot flagged the word used and now I have to appeal. The INFURIATING part is the appeal system is now through a web app and apparently I can’t select “this was a mistake made by amazon” I have to admit to guilt with a checkbox system in order to even contact someone.

Everyday it feels like Amazon makes my life harder without any benefit to Amazon or their customers.


Selling on Amazon goes by their rules. Anyone can return anything they have used as long as they are returning the same item (you might get reimbursed if it’s different, but good luck). Amazon policy doesn’t prohibit people “trying” things and then returning. So this customer wasn’t dishonest unless they specifically said I didn’t use the item + it looks more melted like someone alluded to. Selling by YOUR rules means selling on your own platform or via ebay or other social media sites. Sellers are allowed to state their own return policy (on their seller profile) IF it is equal to or better than Amazons return policy. If you can’t stand or will not allow these kind of returns, then Amazon isn’t a good choice.


This may not work anymore. I was listing books last week, and fat-fingered my way to typing in an old sku. Even though it was a sku that no longer exists in my inventory, I got an error message along the lines of “You cannot re-use a sku, even if that sku has been deleted”.

Might be too risky to try this work-around.


Good example how evil competitors can be and how Amazon really needs to do more to protect 3rd party sellers. Bot boilerplate answers have their place but serious issues like these to be escalated quickly and efficiently to a top level legal or enforcement division within Amazon and unfortunately even high level sellers like yourself don’t get to pick a department or elevate issues. That’s wrong.


Yeah, that is extremely frustrating. It’s really hard to get an actual person to look at anything. I think they try to have bots handle everything, and the bots always think you are at fault even when it is really Amazon at fault.


Thank you Thank you Thank you. I will let everyone know what happens. Pray for us… We worked so hard on this and did everything by the books and finally broke through with a great seller… I put the bulk of my savings into this because I believed so much in it and lost my day job due to covid… This hurts real bad because we didn’t do anything wrong. Tears streaming as I write this… Good Night.


I have a lipstick or two that obviously melted, but this one looks to me as it was intentionally damaged as a used lipstick would not have a squared or chopped top. It would melt all over…

She said it was defective