New Sold As Used - IT HAPPENED TO US


Almost want to cry at this point. Spend 3 years developing a product, an unbelievable amount of money, launch it on Amazon, spend $30K in Amazon PPC to get it into the top 100 in it’s category and BOOM ->> OVER - just like that because a buyer (likely the same competitor who was leaving fake negative ratings) says we are selling used product as new.

Product is made by one of the most respected contract manufacturers in the business that probably makes 1000 other ASIN’s on Amazon including some really big brands. Everything is inspected twice before it goes into it’s case pack and sent directly from the manufacturer to the Amazon on pallets. 10,000 units were just completed yesterday bound for Amazon.:sob:

There is no way to prevent customer returns that list unknown reason from getting back into inventory and being resold. I would love to have every return tossed to prevent this issue but turning off refurbishment settings doesn’t do that. Thought it might. I highly doubt the FBA associates are unscrewing bottle caps to see if seals are broken before they put something back in stock to resell.

Submitted POA but it’s hard to pinpoint the reason this happened due to the situation. Provided all required docs and everything else that was asked of us.

Does anyone know how long something like this takes for Amazon to review? We are going to lose all the rank we spent $30K in PPC building over the last few months.

Please provide feedback. Thank You!


Ouch! One of our biggest fears. Please keep us updated and Good Luck to You.


May I ask if you are familiar with the USAN (“Used Sold As New”) tutorials for crafting PoAs on this subject created by one of the seasoned forum veterans, our friend @Shelf_Cleaning_Capit, with the aid of which so many members of our Seller Community have found such a superior degree of success in utilizing for unfortunate situations like this?


Thank you @Dogtamer for responding. Where would I find this? I already submitted my POA but if it’s not acceptable I guess we get a second chance I hope…

This is literally making me ill…

Thank You


You are most welcome, my friend - as you can see from our friend All-Star Vitamin’s response upthread, I’m not the only one who is pulling for you to be able to resolve this successfully.

Our friend Shelf Cleaning Capitalist’s USAN tutorials, in reverse order of their creation, can be found here:

Good Luck, May You and Yours Stay Safe, and if you can find your way clear to do so, please do keep us apprised of updates.


I already heard back (Thank you Amazon) and my response was accepted. Now the inventory is stranded. When I click on fix stranded inventory it’s taking me to a screen to have the inventory returned or destroyed. Any advice on how to fix this as I don’t want to destroy or send back the inventory, I want to sell it… Thank You!


Create a case, provide your number they can call you at and choose the option to have SS call you. Explain the situation about the ‘Stranded Inventory’, and SS can check, validate and fix it. Good luck!


Thanks @Sulde. Seller support calls are no longer 24/7. I opened a case via email and will call in the morning if I don’t hear back. Thanks!


Keep a record of the SKU.

Delete the listing.

Go back in 24 hours and add it again, using the exact same SKU.

This will very likely fix the problem


@Shelf_Cleaning_Capit Too risky my friend. This is a very high volume ASIN with a lot of inventory at Amazon FBA. Can’t take that chance. Need SS help.


UPDATE. Good News. After just 2 hours, late on a Saturday I got my response and the item was released for sale. Inventory got stranded but fixed itself after about an hour. I closed my open case on the stranded inventory. Item is back up and selling again. I appreciate Amazon’s appeals speedy response but there really needs to be a way to have returns automatically destroyed when they are returned to FBA by a customer. It’s not worth the risk and items like this going back and fourth in the mail will never be in great shape the second time around. Considering offering that suggestion to the exec team. Thank you all for the good words and advice and thank you all for getting back to me on a Saturday. It’s so great to have a place to converse with my fellow sellers about issues like this and gain knowledge from all your experience. It means more than you know. I read the forum a lot to learn. It’s great.

God Bless, Be Well, and Good Luck


NICE! Congrats. That was fast. Good Luck to You.


A DECIDEDLY outstanding result, my friend - Congratulations!


To be fair, there do exist Amazon-compliant methodologies which indeed do typically produce at least a minimally-acceptable solution to your astutely-noted problem, even though following that course does entail more labor-intensity than might be optimal, whether Removal Orders or Disposal Directives are the chosen course for a desired outcome…

Amazon has dipped its toe in the waters of the former paradigm at least three times in the past with Pilot Programs (“Grading Opt Out”/“FBA Customer Returns Removal”/“Automated Return Trials”) designed to counter the frequency with which the problem you’ve astutely illuminated occurs, but none of its efforts on that front appear to have gained much wind under their wings…



That’s really too bad. It’s insane that this is happening and I see it a lot on the forums and ZB sells the same kind of products as we do. Seems to me that an opt in program for automatic destruction will prevent a lot of headaches, make the Amazon FBA DC’s more efficient, reduce seller supports workload, and actually increase sales for the sellers and Amazon. It’s a win, win, win, win, win… I would sign up in 2 seconds to have every return destroyed. I’ve had returns where the buyer says the product didn’t work, or didn’t like the taste and then the dreaded “returned to inventory” written on the return. I’m surprised what happened to ZB hasn’t happened to us. Sigh! It’s bed time. Nite!


I have done this for many moons now, prevents any returns where a customer has opened the packaging going back into inventory

Wrap every product in outer packaging, put the fnsku on the outer packaging. When a customer opens the outer packaging the fnsku is no longer on the product, fba team do not put any of these returns back into inventory

Either have the item removed or destroyed after, which prevents damaged goods being recycled as new by the fba team

It does involve extra work, but has proved its worth over the years


Sounds like FBA, were these items FBA?


were you suspended till review is complete? i guess = not.

if you are selling tons hundreds positive orders against 1 complain amazon will take in consideration that the claim is false.

i wonder. is there an option that fba returns - to be returned to seller = not to fba FC to prevent faulty returns to get back in the “new” sellable inventory ? @Oneida_Books


My guess is that it will straighten itself out. I know when I had to go through this it took a day or two before my listing became active again even after the plan of action was accepted. For me it was FBM instead of FBA, though, so I’m guessing that for FBA it’s stating stranded inventory in this case.


As a new seller, it is really concerning to hear that other sellers attack the competition in such a vicious way :frowning: