New Send to Amazon workflow for LTL shipments


Hi, we have an issue. With the old workflow, it was easy to add, say 700 boxes on the web form for a 10-15 pallet LTL shipment. Now, when we go to send to amazon, it only lets us put in a max of 10 on the web form. In order to add more boxes, it requires the excel upload sheet. However, looking at the excel upload sheet for just 100 boxes (let alone 700) is just overwhelming and not well laid out at all. It will take much much more time to enter in all this information than it did before. This can’t be the most efficient way to do this, can it?

Anyone who does large LTL/FTL shipments, how do you currently enter box/unit information for these shipments?


Using Excel is the most efficient way of doing it for large numbers of boxes/pallets.

Save your box quantities in excel then simply copy and paste into the new shipment file when you make them. Initial setup takes longer but it is much faster afterward simply doing Ctl-C, Ctl-V.

Wait till you get to the part where they split your LTL shipments to LTL/SPD to multiple destinations once you upload. Then you will be so mad you won’t care about having to use spreadsheets. :slight_smile:


Each shipment is different and lot of our “boxes” are their own units so basically 1 unit per box. So this is just crazy. Using excel is definitely not the most efficient way, no way, not the way its currently laid out on their file, not for 100’s and 100’s of boxes, many of which are the same.


And also, why do we even have to provide box weights for these shipments in the excel file? We should never need to provide box weights for ltl shipments. That is only small parcel. So obviously, this new send to amazon workflow pretty much shafted the ltl shipment process.


Nevermind, I think I figured it out. Had to use pack templates instead of individual units. Then it let me bypass the 10 box limit. Send to amazon is still screwy though, especially with shipment charges for LTL that don’t make sense.


Because it is designed for real case quantities that don’t change like most professionals have. When you buy a case of Coke at the store it is not 24 one day and 13 the next. Once you enter the case quantity and weight it saves the case info, and you can build LTL or SPD shipments much faster.


I figured out how to do it without using excel (pack templates). Much much easier than what excel looks like. Shipment ended up being 1600 boxes. Can’t imagine filling that out on excel. Took 15 min without it. Seems to be the only good part about this new STA.

Unfortunately they’ve closed a few loopholes that benefit sellers and there are still glitches. For example, there’s one glaring one where, if your LTL shipment gets split up, you can’t send anything SPD amazon partnered because the system thinks there’s “too many” boxes already on the shipment even if individual SPD shipments don’t have too many. The system is counting the whole workflow as a single shipment erroneously.


Preaching/Choir - Brother/sister/they/them/zi/zim/whatever. :slight_smile:




You are preaching to the choir.


Sorry, I wasn’t aware that everyone knows about the glitch i’m talking about. Haven’t found someone with that exact problem anywhere else.


So to be clear; there could be a situation where STA diverts a single sku to a fulfillment center and I won’t be allowed to ship it SPD because ‘there are more than 10 boxes in this shipment?’ Genius.


Today I had a shipment of 46 boxes.

One destination is 40 boxes.

The 2nd destination is 6 boxes.

It won’t let me split LTL and Small Parcel. Totally infuriating. Also the 6 boxes do not even reach the 150lb min for LTL, so have no idea what to do.

Wish we could have old workflow system back.


What a catastrophic failure of an update, even by Amazon’s standards.


Yes, correct, seriously its like wtf, can’t believe we put up with this stuff. Ok now to find a workaround. Anybody?


Actually, yes it will let you split LTL and small parcel. Do you see the checkbox above shipping mode that says “Shipping mode will be same for all shipments”.

So if you only have 6 boxes going SPD, you’re in luck. You’ll just run into trouble where you have over 10 boxes.

Edit: Wait hold on I wasn’t thinking. Ok, only if you’ve exceeded the maximum number of boxes for SPD on your LTL shipment will you have any issues. I don’t know the very max, but for example, we sent about 1500 boxes LTL and then it sent like 1 or 2 boxes to another destination. We were unable to use SPD for those 1-2 boxes so we just deleted them.


That’s only a temporary solution. As I understand it, Amazon will start threatening you if you continually delete split shipments that you don’t want to ship for various reasons.


This is correct.

It is on a timer and they will hit you at 30 days.
This is what it looks like. We got this when our hired carrier had a delay getting an appointment at the FC.


I get what you’re saying, but I wasn’t talking about deleting split shipments. I was just saying we deleted the whole entire plan, and re submitted it with less quantity.

But, if we’re on the topic of split shipments, send to amazon would make it pretty difficult to even delete split shipments. I’m guessing this is one of the reasons why Amazon switched to this new workflow.