New Sellers please take note - email requesting account information


I have received an email from “Customer Service” identifying themselves as Amazon. This email indicated problems with my account and indicated a hold was put on my account, for my protection, until account information was verified. The email included a link (button) to click to verify information. Having sold on Amazon for over 13 years I did not believe that the email looked “right”. Sure enough upon closer examination I saw that the web address was

For all new, or relatively new, sellers who may not be aware of this type of thing, do not immediately jump to action on the email just because it says that your account was suspended, etc. First check the email carefully including the sender address. Be aware that at first glance this type of email may look legitimate. Never just click on anything through an email. Always go directly to your own Amazon account and look for notifications/messages. In this case, I checked my seller account information and all was as it should be and none of my listings were on hold as the email indicated.

New sellers, do not let What Looks Like an Amazon email scare you into taking immediate action. Check your account, contact Amazon directly yourself if necessary. You will not regret any precaution you take to protect your account.