New Seller University Courses: Learn about invoices and product picture requirements for your selling applications


In a continuous effort to provide you with a great selling experience in the Amazon store, we are pleased to announce the launch of four new Seller University modules to help you submit your selling applications for products that require approval.

Learn about invoice requirements:

Invoices for Selling Applications

Introduction to Invoice Requirements (PDF)

Learn about product picture requirements:

Product Packaging Pictures for Selling Applications (Video)

Product Packaging Picture Requirements (PDF)

Go to Selling Applications dashboard to view, manage, or submit your applications.

Basic selling questions

Did someone forget to upload the PDF/Video link?


Doesn’t work … as mentioned by @Soldbyself

It does work on Amazon AU though.

(It’s not on the EU/UK site yet)

First, this is the worst. Hard to believe this is the best explanation of invoices you could come up with. It doesn’t even address a standard invoice request.


  • The invoice must be in the PDF or JPEG file format

This isn’t stated in any help page on Amazon.
In fact Amazon says: “You can only send .pdf, .jpg, .png, or .gif files.”

In here it states “Label”, “information on the label” and “all labels must be secured…”

Use of this term will only lead to confusion. A “label” implies a “sticker”) to just about everyone.

In another section - Product Packaging Picture Requirements - you do state:

    What won’t be accepted?

    • “Pictures that show the label is not secure to the product or its packaging”
That should also be pointed out when referring to "labels."


Interestingly, if you navigate to that Module via the link that @Amazon_News supplied (@, click on the Mandarin Language “View in:” link (which will allow for downloading the .pdf file “CN_GS_Submitting_Invoices_CN” rather than supplying a video), then click back to the English Language version, the video appears.

The same exercise works for the YouTube version of the Module’s URL @ .

Since I already had a green check mark for this Module, by virtue of having already completed the module before this announcement, I am constrained to conclude that the team charged with rolling out this Initiative made a mistake…


So much work on our part … LOL


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