New seller. How do I ship product to amazon?



I am a new seller to amazon and looking for the address to have my product ship straight to amazon. Could someone help me with this information?


You need to create a shipment plan and then Amazon will tell you where to send your shipment. They could require you to send it to multiple FCs.

Before doing this I would really suggest that you go through seller university.


Sorry @Essbys_Beauty but you are not ready to sell using FBA. You need to complete Amazon’s Seller University [link] Your question and many more are answered there.


Thank you. I will use these resources to educate myself


My shipping person just quit showing up to do the shipping and left me high and dry not know ing what to do. I tried going through the Seller University but it just wasn’t clear where to start and I am reall confused about the bar code part. I am desperate.


I have been using FBA for three years. I left all the shipping and shipping responses to the person that just quit.My shipping plan and everything I need to ship is set up but I just don’t know the procedure to start.


Sorry, I guess the date I looked at was wrong. If the account has been shipping for three years, then you have completed FBA Shipments to look at and model.

You really need to study the FBA portions of Amazon’s Seller University.


Could you just help me by telling me where to start on Seller Central page? I have looked at the tutorials and they are just not clear to me.


Respectfully, If you are confused by the tutorials, you will be much more confused starting on Seller Central.
I suggest that you go thru seller anniversary again, until you get it. Even if you have to repeat some tutorials several times to absorb it, it will save you a lot of time, grief, and maybe even your selling privileges down the line.
Nevertheless, if you insist, go to inventory, click the box on left of the item you want to send in, from the top choose sending/replenishing inventory and go from there.


In top menu go to Inventory > Manage Inventory

On next page will be list of your products. On right hand side expand button “Edit” with choices (little arrows). Select “Send/Replenish Inventory”.

This way you will create a shipping plan. You can add more products to one shipping plan. But first time send just one product to test how it works.

Important to set how your product is labeled with barcode, UPC code or FNSKU. Double check every step and selection. It is like a minefield. You have to be sure what you are doing.


Go to edit to the right of your product on the inventory page. Then click change to fulfillment by Amazon. You will then be guided depending on the product you are selling on the steps you need to follow. It’s very simple to create a shipment, if you don’t have to upload certain documents for your product such as a SDS sheet. SO if you’re just selling a normal everyday product no health/oral or anything that needs documents, then it should take less than 15 minutes to switch to FBA and create a shipment. Also, if you need step by step directions search in this Amazon forum and you will be guided to the right page.


Inventory>Edit>FBA>then proceed. It’s very simple. I did it without reading any instructions and had no issues. Plus i had to upload SDS sheet


I live in and would be happy to pay for someone to help we through this. Please if you know a qualified person.

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I can walk you through it, no need to pay me for it. Just message me here


Read what @HDMS said. But the Forum is not the place to get basic information like this. It shows that you have not done your homework. Trust me, there are so many ways to screw up you don’t want to cut any corners. Spend a few days reading all the help files you can find.