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Adding a link to @Qwik’s post, which includes additional helpful information:


When opening a Seller account or providing documents for supplier information, please make absolutely sure, all the information submitted, in your seller account and on any and all documents, you submit to Amazon, for any reason, MATCH every single detail.

Any discrepancies found, between information provided, to open your Seller Account - and on any documents or Invoices, provided to Amazon - will result in the system rejecting the documents or Invoices.

Make 100% sure, all documents and invoices match, all information, in your Seller Account.


Please note, I created a separate thread for questions regarding suspensions, shortly after registering:


Hi Rushdie,

Thank you so much for the wonderful informational post!
I am a new seller on Amazon and yet to create my first listing, you have mentioned in your post that do not source your product from Alibaba, Aliexpress etc. Can you please throw some light on the alternative source that can be used in place of these? I am not aware of any.

thank you very much in advance!
Looking forward to hearing from you.



Hi Piyush,

You are very welcome and glad you took the time to read it.

Personally, no, I do not have any sources for you. Most sellers, will not give you this kind of information. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned, in the very beginning of the post, find a few products, you personally use and trust or an item you believe may sell well and one, where there are not a hundred other sellers, offering the same or similar items. They may be small or large manufacturers.

  1. You will have to write or call these companies and ask if you can open an account with them.
  2. You will also need to ask, what their minimum order may be.
  3. And most importantly, you have to ask, if they will permit their item(s), to be sold on Amazon.

Becoming a successful seller, does not happen overnight. It takes a good deal of research, common sense, tenacity and good luck.

Think big, but start small and smart. Be creative and try to find products, you are familiar with.

I do wish you good luck.


Thanks a lot for your explanation.

I was doing some research for past few weeks and found out a couple of products in Alibaba for which doesnt have much competition in Amazon. Would it be a risk if I want to start with those on a small quantity basis and later move to a authorized manufacturer/dealer?

your inputs are highly welcomed :slight_smile:



My pleasure.

If you can establish, a relationship with the company, before you make any purchases from them, that is the best way to begin.

If the manufacturer, who is offering the product, is willing to send you legitimate Invoices (not online receipts) and if they are from China, Invoices should be stamped, with the manufacturer’s registered seal, yes, I may be willing to make a small order with them.

If they are selling replicas or counterfeits, of another brand, which can and does happen, frequently, you may lose your seller account here. You need to have legitimate Invoices, in the event, Amazon requests them from you.

Ask questions first. Ask for a single sample. Ask, ask, ask, first - then decide.

I know, all this takes a long time, but you want to be selling on Amazon, for a long time and should try not to risk that chance, with an inexpensive item, that may be a risk to your account.



It all makes perfect sense! thank you very much.


You’re welcome. Hope it helps and good luck, to you.


Hi Rushdie,
I found a manufacturer in Alibaba who is ready to authorized me for selling their products over Amazon and ready to provide me legitimate invoices with their stamps and signature.
I discussed all the terms with them about the product warranty etc. Any other thing that I should keep in mind before going forward?

Thank you very much!


Hello Piyush,

Very good.

Ask them, if the items you are purchasing, are being sold to anyone else, under a brand name or do they strictly sell generic / white-label / no brand, products?

If possible, ask for a sample, prior to placing a full order.

You may also ask, if they can brand your items, using a name of your choice, on the item, packaging or both.

You sound like you are off to a good start. Establishing relationships, is the key.

Again, my pleasure!


As a new seller how long does it normally take for an account to be verified. I’ve been in limbo for a month and the only thing I’ve heard is i need to update my CC info which I’ve done. Seems I can’t even get a topic posted to the boards (2 pending for 12+ hours). Is this normal?


Hey Rushdie,

Hope you are doing well!
Yes I have verified everything you told me about, their product has more than 98% positive reviews over Amazon and quality looks perfect!
They are ready to embed logo for minimum of 500 pieces however, I am ordering 100 pieces to start with they cannot print logo for that but they can provide me either plane product with nothing written over it or with their company’s logo (which I asked them to).

Please let me know if its fine as they dont have any issues with that and they are ready to provide me legitimate stamped and signed invoice and authorisation to sell their product over Amazon.

If I am using their name over the logo, should I using their name in the seller while listing the product?

Last but not the least, many new sellers are complaining that they have been requested with the necessary documents to start selling but I registered few days back and filled in all the details of my company and tax related however, I have not been asked to provide any document? Is it normal behaviour? I am listing my product in Canada and I am a Canadian resident.

Thank you very much in advance!



Hi Piyush,

I would have asked to see and paid for, only a couple of pieces, as a sample, not 100.

If the product will bear the manufacturer’s brand and logo, yes, you will have to use their name, as the manufacturer / brand name on the product detail page, with you as the seller.

If you are going to go this route, ask them to send you a letter of authorization, to use their brand name, as well. This way, your bases will be covered, in the event, there is a question, concerning authenticity.

If the product, sells well and has good reviews, when and if, you eventually switch to your privately branded item, you will have to create a new listing, with a new ASIN and will lose the Product Reviews, associated with the original ASIN.

I wouldn’t worry about not having to provide documents. Amazon may ask at a later date.

Otherwise, I am impressed, that you are taking your time and doing this the right way. You are an excellent example to others. :slight_smile:


Hey Rushdie,

I need one urgent help!
Do I need to use UPC and FNSKU both to be sticked over the product or just FNSKU is enough?

Please confirm as soon as you get time.



Hi Piyush,

Only use the FNSKU on your FBA items. Cover the UPC with the FNSKU label.

Sorry for the delay. Holiday here. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much as always Rushdie!
Have a good day