New seller account suspended


I read it on this forum, just have to search for it . Don’t remember exactly which post I read it on


Did you figure out any other reason you might have got rejected? Maybe they thought you altered the documents since at first it was Your landlord name and then your name? I still have not heard anything back…


I do not know whether this is the reason, I have no idea.


Did your legal entity show as tax information was successfully validated? Maybe it could also be because you didn’t upload the documents as they asked you to do by going to the link in the email


yeah, the legal entity is validated. I got the reject email not long after I updated the address in the legal entity. Do not know whether this triggered the rejection.


I do not think that is the reason, from what I have heard amazon does not use the information in legal entity for verification purpose. That information is only used for tax purpose. My legal entity also shows tax information validated but still have not received any response from amazon. I have emailed them the documents, sent them through the case log, and also submitted the documents through the appeal but still no update… been 6 days now. After reading that you got rejected I have been very worried. Did you send an email to escalation team?


Not yet, escalation is the last and only chance, need to do some research about it. do not need to be too rush. If can not sell on amazon, then do not sell on it anymore


I am still trying to figure out the reason why amazon seller performance did not approve my appeal because I am thinking of sending email to Jeff… I found that the business address, official register address and the address in my legal entity is not exactly the same, although the street name, city, state is the same, but the country is not exactly the same,
For example, in business address, the country is shown as united state, the address is shown as
street name,
city, state,
united state, zip code.

in official register address, the country is shown as US,
the address is shown as
street name,
city, state,

the address in the legal entity does not show the country, just
street name,
city, state, zip code
I tried to make them the same, but could not.

Please kindly help.


I suspect that you are correct.

You will need to work with those who manage the official register and business license to make the corrections. The only one you can change in Amazon is “legal entity”. You cannot simply adjust the documents themselves–you need new documents.

What have you already tried to do to get the addresses to match?


Hi, Papyrophilia
Thank you very much for your quick response. I registered this seller account by myself. From my side, I can change the official register address, business address and legal entity. I tried to make the addresses look exactly the same by inputting the same name, street name, city, state, country and zip code in my amazon seller account. But somehow they always appeared in different way as I mentioned above.

The legal entity address does not have country information, which is exactly the same as shown on my utility bill.
the official register address show the country as US,
the business address show the country as United State.

I tried to call amazon customer service to make the address exactly the same for me, but they could not, they can only see the official register address. I asked them to transfer the phone the seller support to make the addresses look exactly the same, he said he could not transfer to seller support.

I do not quite understand what “You cannot simply adjust the documents themselves–you need new documents” mean. Did you mean I can not change the address in my amazon seller account? last month i provided electricity&gas bill, the new document you mentioned means I can not use electricity & gas bill any more but need other type of utility bill or an updated electricity&gas is also regarded as new document?

In my case, do I still need to have those who manage the official register to help me out? I do not know which company manage the official register in US.


Does this mean I would never be able to reinstate this account any more?


Not at all–you certainly should be able to do this.

I don’t think that this is the situation.

I strongly suggest that you read the following Forum post from @Rushdie for help with your documents: Info: Why was my account suspended, immediately after registration?.


The problem is that i can not make the 3 addresses in my amazon account look exactly the same.How can I make them exactly the same?


I am so sorry, but I do not know specifically. Have you checked through each of these options in Settings > Account Info?



Thank you very much for your kind help, papyrophilia!
Yes, I checked the business address, legal entity. Attached please find the screenshot. I input the same information, but they did not display exactly the same. I do not know what to do to make they display exactly the same.
I have not set the return address and shipping settings yet.


If you have entered the same info into Seller Central, that’s what matters, however Amazon chooses to display it.

I think I misunderstood and thought your supporting documents had three different addresses. I am sorry!


If so, then it is not because of the 3 addresses did not match? I do not know what is the other reason now.


Hello everyone, thank you for all of your answers to the thread. I have almost the exact same issue with seller verification. I got an email from Amazon that my account is under review a few hours after i registered.

I haven’t submitted the verification documents yet since the address on my utility bill reads:

Avenue Louise 1000 Brussels , but in Seller Central where i have entered my address it displays it as:
Avenue Louise Brussels 1000.
I have input the exact same information but Amazon displays it in a different order.

It seems i can’t change the order in which Amazon displays my information.

I have read that my bill should match 100% with the info i entered in seller central.
My official address on all of my legal documentation tough shows up the zip code first and the city second , i don’t know why Amazon displays it in the reverse order.

Do you think this might cause an issue when i send my utility bill for verification or is it that Amazon
chose to display the address in this order in their system?
Thanks in advance.


@AJ-24, I think it might help if @For_Ever_18 updated us on their verification status.

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