New 'Safety Requirements for Selling Toys' question


We sell hundreds of toys on Amazon as retailers, not manufacturers. The majority of the toys we sell were produced by Mattel some years ago. Amazon is now asking that we submit safety ASTM F963-17 documentation by May 3rd for all toys or the ASINs will all be suppressed.

Does anyone have any guidance on how we should go about trying to comply with this new requirement? We have no way of knowing if any or all of these toys would meet ASTM F963-17 because it did not come into existence until 2018 and these toys were all manufactured previously. Does this mean that all toys manufactured before 2018 will no longer be allowed on Amazon?


Did you scroll to the bottom of the email to see which ASIN’s were affected? It says at the bottom of the email.


I got the email for a whole bunch of Lego’s.
While amazon themselves sell the same products, shouldn’t they already have it on file???
This looks like a repeat of 2018 all over.


Same here over 100 ASIN for me


Not wanting to tell Amazon how to do their job but surely they should insist on the documentation before it is created in their catalog. If the ASIN is pre-existing then take it down. The first seller who wishes to sell it (including Amazon retail) would then have to produce the documentation. I’ve long thought that manufacturers should be mainly responsible for creating products on Amazon. It is in their best interest after all. They also get consistency for their range along with a brand message. Sellers do not have ready access to safety information and it would be a tremendous duplication of effort for every seller of a product to supply it. TBH I just stop selling any of the ASINs mentioned. Also of note is that I received 50+ emails with different ASINs mentioned. 1 email with an single CSV attachment would be more professional.


P.S. Due to the lockdown I have zero inventory and my vacation settings are on. So it looks like you get a message for every ASIN you have ever sold!


The problem is that there will be no 2018 safety certificates for items produced before 2018.


I was hoping that was a spam email because of a grammar mistake at the beginning of the email. So this message is legitimate?

I already passed a Hazmat review on my product over a year ago, and now I got that email to send in documentation. How do we even send in the info when it says “Please do not reply to this message”?
I’m guessing it’s the child-safety email?

Well this is annoying…


Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t seen that. Thankfully there were only 3 ASINs listed. And true to Amazon’s usually competency level one was a book (not a toy).


You can request copies of the testing from the manufacturer. I’m betting it will take longer than 30 days for them to reply though. A lot of toys are going to get canceled due to this even if they have already been tested, simply because we cannot get documentation of the testing already done in a timely fashion. Many toy manufacturer offices are closed due to the Global c-virus epidemic.


Is everyone here already approved to sell toys on Amazon? I have been selling my own private label kids product (It’s not really a toy, it’s more like a teaching tool for parents) for almost 2 years and I never had to get approved to sell it.

I contacted Seller support regarding that email and they told me I have to become approved to sell toys first. I’m having lots of problems with that since they won’t accept my Chinese manufacturer’s invoice (I own the brand). Has anyone else gone through that process already and can help?

They didn’t even mention anything about the ASTM F963-17, they just told me to get approved to sell toys.


There’s a huge difference between being approved to sell EXISTING Brand toys (Hasbro, Mattel, Lego etc), and selling your own private label. To sell toys, you have to be approved for each brand and subbrand. If you are selling your OWN product, it’s an entirely different process. You would want to tell them it’s a BRAND-NEW product, and YOU ARE THE IP OWNER. You would likely have to go through a NEW product approval process to have a new product added on Amazon. I assume they would ask for the testing as well. They have a list of testing labs where you can send them off to be tested.

Before listing it, I would patent the daylights out of it though. If it’s a new product, it risks getting knocked off, and you don’t want that.