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Not sure why main the page of Seller Central is now showing a Refunds widget?
Ours shows that we must take action on 3 pending refunds?
At the bottom of the block is a link to Manage Seller Fulfilled Returns.
Returns are left open (for several months now). We approved them but the buyers have never returned the products.
So why the alarm? As if we didn’t have enough BS compliance to deal with…


AMZ wants YOU to refund THEIR customer so that THEY look good & profits grow for THEM
That’s why …it’s all about them …we are a dime a dozen


Read the other two returns discussions


what other two returns discussions???


There are actually several discussions about returns and refunds, all of which are about the new widget.

Pending Refund

I am seeing the same refunds widget - also for 3 items - “You must take action for these pending refunds”. I have approved the returns but they have not been returned by the buyer, so no refund has been issued. I called Amazon for help, the person I spoke with was not able to address the question other than to tell me to ignore the widget and then the call was disconnected. I am not sure what “action I must take”. I believe the only action available is to ignore the widget? I am concerned if it is ignored Amazon will automatically issue a refund to the buyer. Any advice?


The consensus on related threads appears to be, if you have already approved the return yet have not received the return, ignore these notices and issue no refund. I have one notification of return (no longer needed) which I approved almost a year ago, yet buyer never returned. I am studiously ignoring it.


Just another useless widget.

It would be nice if they would fix issues instead of creating new ones.

New box on homepage REFUNDS .....You have pending refunds to take action
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