NEW promo type: Social Media Promo Code


I just noticed a new promotions type: Social Media Promo Code

“Set up a percentage-off promotion that creates a unique marketing page with a link, making it easier to direct customers to your products from social media. This marketing page exclusively features your offers; customers can add your products to their cart from this page without manually entering the promo code at check-out.”

Anyone here have experience using it? Are you using with PPC ads, social media channels, email lists? What are your thoughts?


Been looking and I see nothing like this. If Amazon started something new it’s not in my account … sorry.


Perhaps it’s in beta. I’m not seeing any announcements on it, nor did I receive any notification that it’s available in my account. Just happened to stumble across it yesterday.

Here’s the help page on it:

Maybe try opening a case with SS to request they activate for you.


About in the middle paragraph it says something like - so your customer doesn’t have to locate you in the buy box. Maybe if you aren’t eligible for the buy box Amazon doesn’t notify you.
I didn’t get any notice. I am eligible for buy box on some items and not others.


Hello BigBry,

Thank you for posting to the seller forums.

Just recently, we introduced social promo codes, which are easy to share on social media and give a percent discount to customers on eligible products at checkout. Once you create a social promo code, you will receive a URL for the unique landing page that contains a list of the qualified products for the promotion as well as the promotion details. Customers can add items to their cart directly from this landing page, and the discount will automatically apply.

Sellers on the Professional Selling plan will see this option available to them from >Advertising >Promotions >Create Promotion, selecting “Social Promo Code.”



Hello Oneida,

I can see that you do not have the option to set up a social media promotion. I will do some investigating to see if I can determine why you are not seeing a link to create one.



From what I’ve read, there are no restrictions on promoting in social media ads.


I got this url now, but can I just promote this link in facebook ads?



For what it’s worth, I don’t have that option either. I get Five options, well 4 because 1 is no good anymore, but no Social Media


Hi Susan,

In addition to what you wrote about needing to be on the Pro Selling Plan, I learned through my Amazon account manager that you must also be registered with the new Amazon Brand Registry. Otherwise the social media promotion won’t show in seller central.

Also, the feature is currently available in US only.

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Thanks for all of your help, Susan! Although we are members of the Brand Registry Program, we still do not see this new feature as an option under ‘Create Promotions.’ Is this an indication that the program has not yet been fully deployed to eligible 3P sellers?


Still don’t have it … :frowning:


Well that explains things …


Hello Dogtamer,

Thank you for your post. I am not seeing an active Brand Registry. I will send you a Private Message with more detail information.

You can access Private Messages by clicking on the ‘Messages’ link near the top of every forums page.



I’m not seeing this option either. Is it possible it is rolling out in batches and they haven’t gotten to me yet?


Only sellers registered in the new Brand Registry, not the original one, will see the option for a social media promotion per ESR.


And it’s only currently available for the .com marketplace.


… that to.


Thank you! I didn’t catch the new part.


Has anyone used this?

I would love to see it in practice to see if it’s worth registering under the new brand registry.