New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


Given how unruly and generally offensive many of the comments are in this thread and threads like this it doesn’t surprise me that the team responsible for this change isn’t responding here but I got an email from someone on that team responding to my feedback above to see if I’d be interested in a phone call. I really appreciated it and it’s a nice reminder that Amazon is listening and does want our constructive feedback, and truly is trying to make the platform better for us. It was also nice to hear that a couple of my other complaints regarding payments/etc were in the queue to be resolved.

Amazon email? anyone get it

I just posted about an email I received…sounds like what you just posted. So it was safe.


I like it. Thanks :slight_smile:


There is only one payment shown. Older version had 3 payments.


@Second_Hand_Prose_In wants to know whether anyone else who has posted here in this thread has received a phone call or email from Amazon about your Dashboard feedback, like they and @QueenBee have.

You can reply in this thread:


Never noticed it, never used it, and it’s really not so important…
We get the current balance, which changes all the time,we know how many open orders we have…with some experience and track record we know the average order…and we get pretty good idea of next payments.


Not all countries have invoiced orders separated but I’d think if you are looking at Seller Central you it shouldn’t disabled, though maybe it is if you have no invoiced transactions?


I’d recommend posting exactly what detail is missing as I think your feedback would be heard. I use the daterange reports for my accounting so that’s not a specific issue for me.


Use to be able to clearly understand the proportion of Amazon fees to total sales. Use to be able to understand monthly fee to sales. We don’t do FBA but it seems like it would be difficult to separate sales fee from storage. Seems like Amazon is deliberately trying to make their fees less clear. I do not like this-totally useless. At least bring back to old page that we used for high level bookkeeping.


In all sincerity, this is honestly some of the absolute worst UI design I’ve encountered since the mid-1990s.

If you explained to an average classroom of 10-12 year olds what the system/page was for, what numbers and information needed to be included… there is not a single doubt in my mind that they could have designed something more functional than Amazon’s New Payments Dashboard… and likely also something more visually appealing.

It is beyond clear that whoever designed this…

  1. has never used a similar page, tool or feature
  2. does not understand how others typically use it
  3. did not bother to reference examples of existing pages or even Amazon’s prior system (which worked just fine overall, by the way)
  4. designed it with the graphical elements intended to simply to fill maximum space rather than be useful or aesthetically pleasing.

Similar to the nonsense happening with the primary seller central page… just bad user interface design - all around unaesthetic and counter-intuitive layouts… Amazon should really replace that entire team and start over…

Using the seller central page as an example… who redesigns a page to move the info that was previously in the middle between 2 columns to the top of the page, in seemingly random order… ABOVE the two columns and then leaves the 2 columns below, hard justified to the left and right leaving the center 65% of the page empty. Just nonsensical & incompetent…


Terrible. Thrown together with typos. Other than the ones already mentioned, why, when we click the (?) link for BOTH “Amazon Lending” and “Account Level Reserve”, we see EXACT same description " Amount held in reserve to ensure that you have enough funds to fulfill any claims or chargebacks.". And why is Lending not in the plus or minus amount on right?


Where can i go to request a change to the “Date Range Report” and “All Statements” reports? I would like to request that the Order_Item_id that identifies the individual line items on XML and “All Order” reports be added to these. That is the only way i can find to tie the payment to the specific line item shipped.


Well… where do I get the PDFs that I was sending my Bookkeeper up until now?


What information you want to send to the bookeeper ?


The teal and and red graphics are a visual representation of which figures collectively are used to calculate the totals on the left.


This is one of the most useless updates made. I don’t need graphs. I need useful information and I want it fast. Plus, you have to click all over to find the information you need. The information presented while your account “processes” the payout is not the same that it pays out when it is done doing whatever the heck is is doing in the background.
This update is as useless as the boxes at the top of seller central…


At first, I didn’t like the re-design either and found it hard to decipher. However, once I studied it longer I began to find it more user-friendly. I actually like the new change. Took a little bit to get used to but I think Amazon did a good job with the re-design!


I had no trouble deciphering the new page.

My complaint is that there is a lack of info and detail.

If I want to see a breakdown of any of the numbers, it is no longer available. Previously, a click would open the details of what went into each line item.

I offer “free shipping” but periodically a buyer will choose a premium option. I used to be able to click on the shipping line and it would show a list of translations making up that total. Now, the only way to access that info is to scroll through all transactions looking for the odd shipping charge.

If “refunded sales” is of interest, it used to show the refunded orders when you clicked on the total. Now, to get that information, you have to go to the transactions tab and sort for refunds.

I appreciate some may like the new page design. I am just not one of them.

Amazon made it more simple to read and stylish but, in doing so, took away much of the functionality that was available on the old design.


Are you FBA or FBM or both ?

My main argument is that there is no real business need for this information, just curiosity…


Yes, here is the MAIN problem…You need to study new design and dedicate some time to figure out from where all the numbers are coming and what supportive reports to download and keep… Who has the time and where to get that 25th hour in my day?
If Amazon is so adamant to keep this format (but, really, who needs all those graphs and colors?), at least, give us heads-up (60-90 days), so, we (business people) could allocate time to decipher this new format…Right now, it feels like someone hit you with 2x4 and asked you if you like it…
Who knows what is included in “other” on the reports…IRS does not like faceless “other”…