New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


This is a complete disaster, people were not ready for this. I went to school for math and economics and this chart is just very non-intuitive.


I found the standard financial statement type presentation much more useful and intuitive than this new PowerPoint style presentation. It is ok as a supplemental presentation for someone that may have a hard time understanding the meaning of the numbers but such a waste of time and so unnecessary for those of us that just want the numbers in a standard financial format.


Exactly. I gave them some bad feedback. Because I had the prior format down to a template in QB, I told them to go back the older version. IMHO, this does simplify for some, if you don’t do your own accounting LOL, but for us persons who do everything and then some, this just made more work, or lose the detail.


We don’t need our “financial experience” simplified, we just need our financial figures to look like financial figures for our accounts. Finance does not need to be an “experience”, it just needs to be numbers, straight up simple figures and “lit” graphics is not required.

The old dashboard was PERFECT for and did not need ‘FIXING’. Pleeeeeeeease pretty please with a cherry on top give us the option at least to revert back to the old dashboard.


For me its just another change to absorb not unlike bay, PP, my bank’s backend, my anti-virus suite, my browsers and my email clients make, to name a few.


I don’t like the graphics. This is a bookeeping page, and should remain so. Bring back the original!


This is a clever way to hide key information so they can finagle with the totals. There’s no way to see payments coming up with the associated total so that you know if something is off. This is how embezzlers are able to steal money.


Good day,
I have a question regarding the new account statement update.
In the Expenses section I am having an expense with the concept of OTHER EXPENSES. What do these other expenses include? I need a detail.


Absolutely worthless. Creating stuff just to create stuff. Seller’s accounting/bookkeeping/ERP software should be able to handle this, and have access to into-stock cost. This information is incomplete and as such is worse than pointless.


I have to agree with everyone else, the new screen is difficult to use and makes it almost impossible to balance the deposit. The folks using the screen are generally in accounting. If you want to keep it, fine, just please add a link to “view old version”. It took me an additional 30 min using this screen last week trying to find the data I was after.


Dear Amazon,

Please revert this page. The changes only serve to muddle the information. This page is supposed to be a financial report not a power point presentation.



This format makes things less clear. Thanks Amazon. How about you just give us a nice clear page that lets us see all of our expenses simply and easily, instead of making it more difficult? Amazon is becoming a place where small businesses go to get taken advantage of. Please see that we are people trying to make business on your platform, and you do things each and every day to make the doing of honest business on here more and more difficult.


this is garbage and whoever approved this is brain dead.

no it’s not. it only shows you the NEXT payment, but not the following 2 weeks. in the past were were able to see the payment schedule for the entire balance that amazon as holding for us. that’s gone now.


Are you professional seller ?
I didn’t have this info on my screen.
If you look at the 7, 15, days sale and balance, you may get good idea of expected payments.



HMMMM!!! how wonderful. This has been going on for about two weeks and you finally decided to let us know about the change. What a great way of keeping sellers in the loop.


Account Type for me is Standard and is grayed out. (so I can’t click on it) What ever Standard is, that is what mine has always said.


thank you for your visual…I would never have found where invoiced orders could be found except for your photo.


The new format is totally useless for those of us that use Quickbooks to track our financial data. There is not enough detail in the report. We need the ability to revert to the old format.


Do not like it. I could follow the balance forward on the old system… this one I cannot.