New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


New format is very complex, difficult to understand…please bring old format back…


Are you serious Amazon??? You are a 1.2TRILLION dollar company and this is the best you can do for your sellers??? Have you guys grown so large that you forgot that without your sellers you are really nothing??? There are so many other platforms that do a better job at providing this information because they care and listen to their sellers. So are you guys listening now??? Not one positive feedback from YOUR sellers.
START LISTENING or you will turn into the next ebay story…


Accounts Receiveable, Commissions, Fees, Sales, Shipping, and other things that make up the Income Statement and other statements needed, need I say more?


I wish Amazon would put resources towards things that matter

The catalog correction system is a disaster.

FBA cannot check in items correctly or timely.


I don’t want to go into each of your arguments…
Check Monthly Summary Report…all the inormation is there…
For example…receivibles=income-transfers.
Commissions, for example…check the expenses side of the report, all the deductions are there.


I need to itemize each order into Quick Books. The new un-click-able numbers cause more work than the old format. You should try-out an accounting program sometime to see what others are complaining about.


Maybe this is the most important issue…why do you need to itemize each order ?


thumbs down for me!


The more I look at it the more I like it. It simplify everything then they wrapped it up with a nice bow on top.

Just give it some time.


I don’t like it one bit, there was a lot of information in the old format that I used for my own financial analysis.
I liked the old breakdown into many more categories.
I often wish that Amazon would stop fixing what’s NOT broke… Like the new format on the seller central home page… I hate the junk at the top that you can’t turn off!


I would still like to see my upcoming payments for the next couple pay periods. Graphs are nice but most of this information was already easily accessible. Maybe this graph should have just been an additional tab on the previous dashboard.


@Williams_Discounts_W It’s on seller central page.


It’s the way we set up QuickBooks back in 1996 and that’s the way I like to do it. One book sale at a time.


That’s fair answer, but maybe you should try other ways that are as good as yours, and maybe you will like it, and it may save you time…


Well if you aren’t interested in accounting, my only other comment is that QuickBooks generates Income Statement, Balance Sheet and other needed Financial forms for my business which my accountant needs when he files my taxes to the IRS.


Another example of Amazon messing stuff up for the folks that actually matter.
Every heard of the expression, Biting the Hand That Feeds You?

Well how about this, It wasn’t broken so WHY try to fix it?



You have COMMENTED on this 26 times.

If I would not know better, I’d think this is your creation !!!

You are adamant that everyone is wrong, and that this is the

best thing since the invention of slice bread !!


Is there a way to access the old version? Several of the terms aren’t the same as they used to be, so we have no idea how to update our QuickBooks Deposit entries. Any thoughts on how to categorize some of these things now?



Yes, this is my creation, and I’m paid by amazon (false).
If you notice, less than 30 people are active on this thread, out of few millions sellers, so I assume that the majority of sellers don’t care about the new design or don’t see any problem with it (like me).
My only reason to be so active on this thread (maybe too active), besides the fact that it’s a weekend, is to make sellers aware to many reports that are provided by amazon.
When sellers are used to work in a certain way for years, it’s hard to change old habits.
For me, I don’t see that it’s more complicated, but each one has a different way of working.
Few days ago , I did my monthly state sales tax report…and did not notice any difference.
Regarding your spreadsheet…you spent few hours…and this knowledge will serve you for few years…so, it should not be big deal.
But, you did not have to go through this at all …take a look at the Monthly Summary Report …all the needed information is there.
Amazon does not remit my state sales tax…although the figures are in the report, I use also the monthly transaction report to confirm the figures.
Try the summary report and see for yoursel if it satisfies your needs, if not, maybe I will be able to direct you to the right report…
One of the problems as I see it, is that sellers spend time collecting/sorting inormation they don’t need for any business purpose.


Ok, so it is safe to say that just about EVERY seller, or at least those of us that make use of the forums, dislike this new format. So here is my question to Amazon, if I am even allowed to ask one. So you seem to make it known that you make changes like this, when you are given “feedback” by sellers.

So I would love to know what sellers gave feedback that the old payments report page was difficult to understand that they needed “graphs” to figure it out.

I noticed how difficult it was to find anything useful, specially since figures changed everyday, up and down, and it is hard to keep track, Amazon could charge me for something extra and I would not even see it, how this is so confusing. So AMazon, you have feedback now how we dislike it, what are you going to do?