New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


If you look at the graph page as a book cover, and the information is inside…will it change your opinion ?
Why do sellers need to check the reports very often and be consumed by them ?


What 2 statements ? invoiced and non invoiced ???


You completely miss the point.

MOST Sellers DO NOT check often.

and when they do, (a few times a year), they may say…

Hey that amount is High? or Low? or whatever, and instead of a click of a link,
they simply give up because there is no instructions, no logic, to how a particular number was calculated, and even after one drills down, downloads, sorts, sums, any normal person would give give up.

and back to you…

Could Amazon have EASILY made a better FACING report?

or is it your opinion, that this is the best that could be done?
(I am assuming it is not you who dreamed this up? lol)


Maybe, but if you look at it as a snapshot, an introduction to full array of reports, it’s satisfactory to me.

I check once a month, on a regular base for tax reports.
If users use the reports not often…than why is the heavy critism ?
If sellers use them often, they should understand the reports
If they use them often, what for ? extreme micro management ?


Besides this change, they’re also taking more money from my sales. Was this designed as an attempt to detract from that?


I don’t mind it. I can quickly see if there may be any issues via those running totals and graphs, for example an unreasonably large $$ number in shipping or refunds or FBA/FBM fees will alert me to take a deeper look and I can correct it before it goes on too long.


I don’t know whose experience this is “simplifying.” The old format was fine. It was a simple ledger format that was printer friendly. You could ‘click’ on line items to do a quick ‘drill down’, and we built our bookkeeping process around reconciling to that.

This, is not better.

Is there nobody at Amazon who understands running a small business??? How do you not understand that people have build whole processes around the tools we have. You don’t just take those away with no warning. You certainly don’t take them away and replace them with something that give you access to less information.

Bring the old form back please.



There is so many places where we could get useful changes. This is not needed and not a better change at all.


For journal entries into QuickBooks and Accounting Purposes … every pay cycle.


Please revert back to the old dashboard or give us the option to revert back to the old one.

Thank you.


I prefer the old layout


I don’t use quickbooks…but, what is the exact information you need to enter to quickbooks ?


Agreed. And now there is no simple way to print the statement. Now we have to screenshot and print. Awful thought behind this.


Well when you put it that way, Then they REALLY NEED to add the clickable links to allow people to quickly find the details on the numbers they see on the facing report cover!


Are you familliar with date range reports ? easy to print…


Here we start another day…
Why should anyone check the details of the unclickable items ??
I don’t see any need for this, unless we see a number that is extremely huge and does not make sense, and than we check the payments, statements, etc.
Even more, why should we go to the payments page at all often ?


Shahar, yes I’m familiar with the Date Range Report, but when I tried to compare the new format with the exact date ranges, the figures were different! I just wanted to keep my records and bookkeeping straight, especially when it comes to filing taxes!


The figures should be the same.
The formats for the reports are the same…
Go to the reports/date range reports/generate reports (print the Summary report). Compare to old report you have.
Even if the figures are different (for the same period), who says that the old reports were the correct ones?



We get it, you like it …

No one is trying to persuade you to change your mind …

I agree with you, it is exactly like a snap-shot … because it is a “snapshot”.

It is not interactive, nor intuitive … because it is a “snapshot”.

The new format is a pretty page … the new page is a snapshot.

The old format was interactive and allowed quick access to current info without having to avail ourselves of the plethora of

With the old format, if there was a sudden increase in refunds, a simple click told me exactly what transactions were involved with that number along with order details. The new page forces you to open transactions/returns and then determine which are active in this disbursement period.


@Bad_Brittnie Well, we agree to disagree.