New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


This new page was tested on my server a couple of months ago. It only stayed that way for a couple of days and then went back to the old format. I was hoping it was because they got so many complaints, but appearently our feedback means nothing and they just impliment it anyways.


Thanks for making it less useful. Just like the way you butchered the dashboard.

Who the heck are your product people? Don’t they speak to customers prior to making changes?


Payment Dashboard > All Statements > “When will I be paid?”

You have an upcoming transfer scheduled:

etc. etc.


I actually like it.


Obviously accountants weren’t involved in the design - coming from a CPA. First mistake, total sales # on the left includes sales tax. Seriously? I never use this page, it’s useless since it’s for a “payment” period, not an accounting period ie: a month.


There are better things to spend time and money on but the page isn’t as bad as it could have been. I do prefer the old one because it has been very useful and easy for almost 10 years but this one i can get used to. Now if only you will allow us to rearrange the seller central page without all the boxes on top…maybe we could put some on the bottom or make them smaller…how about multi colored?


Looks like I’m one of thev few posters that does not hate the new design…[quote=“Celton_Marketing, post:78, topic:640369”]
Like I needed to review my 2019 historical records and they are no longer available!!!
Are you ffamilliar with the date range report ???
Just downloaded my transactions or Dec 2015…everthing is there.


Print or save as PDF. I don’t necessarily do it this way but many used to use the old report to make their Journal entries in QuickBooks and it is often easier to have it printed in front of you while you make the entries rather than having to flip windows back and forth.


Looks like I’m one of thev few posters that does not hate the new design…

  1. If you wanted to check a payment for specific transaction…than you must have the transaction number…jusy type it on the page with the hated graph and click SEARCH…the information will be available.
  2. For returns…same thing.


You can still find that info in the Transaction View.
What we are complaining about here is that the old printable “statement view” has been swapped out for this graphic dashboard that for the most part doesn’t have clickable drill down links in the numbers.


Are you familliar with Monthly or Summary transactions reports ?


Exactly. Transaction view is MUCH more difficult to use. Much more cumbersome. As Shahar said before you, you pretty much need the transaction ID to find the info. But normally I’m not interested so much in a particular transaction, so I don’t have an ID to check. Instead, I’m checking on say the returns. I used to be able to go to these down the line from the old version, now I have to look up the IDs, WHICH I DO NOT WISH TO DO BECAUSE IT IS VERY TIME CONSUMING. This is no longer a simple process, just like I can no longer simply see all of the costs and details with any transaction like I used to. This is perhaps the ABSOLUTE WORST design change that Amazon has made in a long time. Any time that you have to click on additional screens and go to additional places to find info which used to be easier to get, it’s a bad change. Designs should make things EASIER, not harder.


Not exactly…go to transaction view, and filter by return…you will see only returns.
The issue as I see it, is that sellers are used to certain reports and it takes some time to be familliar with new design and/or reports/formats.


I hope Amazon make monthly statements. 12 statements for the entire year, showing revenue and expenses. That way a lot easier for small sellers at the end of the year during tax seasons.


@watangems You must educate youself…those reports are available.


a good dashboard is meant to deliver useful information in a quick glance. Focus on the business useful data and actionable data is more important than the fancy dashboard. Please let the business owner or people who manage the payments to drive the product requirements instead of having the Amazon developers to use this as a sandbox to test their new skills and technology. Keep it useful, practical and simple


Partially true. However, transaction view has never been the easiest screen to use, I’ve always had more difficulty with it. This still requires more work. And much more to the point, if a good number of sellers LIKE what we had been using before, why the heck would you change that? That’s simply NUTS!


For what purpose you use this report often ?



The reason why everyone (except you and Scifi) do not like the report is that IT IS PRETTY, but useless.

Obviously most people are not like you, where they have the time, energy, to drill down to get the data they want. Most people just want to see the underlining data, without going to the dentist.

Yes, the data is available, but seriously - You are arguing that this MAJOR upgrade is Good?

For example, Why could the programmer

  1. Simply put a link under each Amount?
  2. Or Name the Links the Same on the underlining reports.
  3. As well the Transaction View Report that this refers to can ONLY report 600 Transactions.
  4. So if you have more, then you need to download the All Statement Flat File v2 Report.
  5. And those reports HAVE DIFFERENT NAMES to report the same thing.

Seriously, you are all mighty that this is a good report. It is a MESS.

So “on the PRETTY Report” you want to find out what are the

  1. “Product Charges” - so instead of a link - YOU NEED TO GUESS that that report is called “Order Payment” (what?)
  2. “Shipping” - No do not dare select “Shipping Charges”, those figures are in “Product Charges”
  3. Hey, all Blue must be in the “Product Charges” report, yes? NO, The “Refunded Expenses”- which are blue are (of course) in the “Refund” report.
  4. Obviously the “Refunded Expenses” and “Refunded Sales” are in the “Refund” report, but if you download that report, and sum the report, you will NOT FIND the total matching. Why because it has Tax info that is NOT on the Pretty report.
  5. What about “Product Charges” in Blue, and “Shipping Charges” in Red, Geez, the terminology is goofy. What about “Product Revenue”?

My point is only that there is NO LOGIC.

Yes the data is confusing - No doubt, but seriously, in a few hours I have a pretty good handle on it. But few like numbers, as I do, and besides it is boring as can be.

anyway, attached FOR ALL is an Excel Spreadsheet that Explains the goofball reporting (as best I could). And it is confusing, but not so if you follow the “Pretty” colors… lol

By the way people, if you double click the “pretty” excel doc you can see better !!


Yes, available. But, broken in 2 statements per month. I am doing business on Amazon for a while and I do know a bit. But, statements like other platforms make it much easier. Because you can see all the Data in one page. But, you are not getting what i meant.