New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


I love the new page. It shows me all the info I need to know right up front. I really don’t understand why there is so much hate about it. I guess some people just can’t stand any change even when it’s for the better. Of course there are those that will complain about anything Amazon does.


What a waste of IT resources. There is so much that needs fixing, yet once again, you waste your time and money on making things prettier instead of more functional.


I immediately looked for the “use the old page” button. We need to print it not stare at graphs that don’t even function like a graph. Make a printable version that includes ALL the information on a single page. ALL of it.


Too many upset people. All you have to do is click on the links and they have separated all the info for you. Im sure theres former corporate people here and you know companies only make changes because theres people out there that complain about their current system. the same people are complaining right now. Nothing is ever good for them yet they still sell here and make a living. I like the page.


The old format was simple and we could just pick the numbers off the report. This new view makes it more complicated. Please bring the old format back or make a tab with the old display.


What numbers you can’t find now ?


This dashboard is a waste of time. Many of the updates made have failed to show any awareness of how Sellers use seller central. The old version was better because it had much less clutter. The data visualization is especially annoying. I really just expect Amazon to tell me what they used to. It wasn’t immensely helpful and at the same time I think it’d be dumb to give Amazon my biz costs (ex. Finished good or raw materials). Amazon is a distributor - just tell us the basic financials in black & white text as it has for years.


For example - “Amazon Fees” has both fees and my lending interest charges. These should be TWO separate items for accounting purposes - now the graft has them combined.


If I was running a business like Amazon and had the luxury of utilizing their seller network why would you not run a test sample to the seller base and get constructive feedback? This is like letting your marketing group run a sales organization instead of the sales group running the marketing group. I can assure you my full time job sales group would never let this happen…


I am reading that this will no longer be compatible with Quickbooks…I just started that and this version is ugly and not useful at all.


It’s now even more difficult to find transactions. A couple of years ago, we used to be able to click on a customer order number, see how much they pay, click on their payment, see what fees were accessed. Now all of that is gone…


I don’t like the new report. It does provide a visual break down of the current week ( same information as before but with less density) What happened to the future estimated disbursements? That’s the one feature I used the most.

Please bring back the future payments calculator.

I agree with others. No value added for the new graph.


Useless, awful, waste of time, and of course they PAID someone for this mess that seems like nobody likes. Typical Amazon. They enjoy anything that makes it tougher for small time sellers. They HATE anyone who doesn’t bring them in a few million in fees a year.


When are we getting a credit for the monthly seller fees from March-June? A goodwill gesture for working hard for Amazon’s customers as the stock rose 30%+ while everyone was at home


Don’t like it and it is useless. Please give us the old one back.


I hate it. HATE IT.
I used to be able to click there, and then go to individual transactions easily. Now I have to go through a much more difficult process, through different screens.
Let’s say that I wanted to know how much we were paid for a specific transaction, or wanted to check what a return was. I would frequently look at those things through the Payments page, and could pull all of these up very quickly and easily. Now, NO MORE!
Did I say how much I absolutely HATE this new version??


No, Just no.


Whatever happened to the historical records??? This new format started only with the period starting January 29, 2020. What happened to the rest of the other periods??? Like I needed to review my 2019 historical records and they are no longer available!!!


Just like the seller central home page, you took something that was perfectly functional and made it half assed. What in the actual hell was wrong with the old page? The worst part is no matter how much the community HATES these" improvements", Amazon is adamant on keeping them no matter what. {content removed}

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Nothing good, hard to find and see transactions included in “Other” which is includes additional payments for the international delivery by DHL, customs and duties applied further, to decide to use this carrier or either not.