New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


Maybe my business is much simpler than your…the date range SUMMARIES report is good enough for me.


Old version was easy with straight math, that should be brought back! I am even more concerned that I just had a payment transfer and the amount was about $20 LESS than what my Payment Summary said it was going to be!!! Yikes $20 bucks is $20 bucks…


Why do you need to print this report ?


After marvelous sellercentral redesign this is a small bonus, not enough big boxes and hidden features and not to mention how wonderful and handy it is on mobile app :frowning:


"A transfer was made to your bank account ending in xxxx in the amount of $4.58 on 6/5/2020". "Funds can take 3-5 business days to appear in your bank account."

I use Quickbooks, (older version), and I know what I should get for each book sold (I list the net amount after fees etc are removed in accounts receivable) I record fees etc. as expense in Quickbooks. I had no returns. Nothing I sold would amount to $4.58 as a payment.

And I can find no way to find out what order the $4.58 refers to.


@Florence_Books If this is true, it has nothing to do with the new design.


I guess that the bottom line for me is the old adage “Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” Anyway, I wish you good fortune with your Amazon selling. (My main inventory categories are books and music - both of which fare quite well during this pandemic time.) All the best to you!


Did you check statements, both for invoice sales and regular sales ?


I sell as Individual so invoice sales are not something Amazon allows for me.


In the old report, my eyes used to go from top to bottom - like a normal person reading. Now my eyes go in a circle - left to right, down and up - getting dizzy. Why this torture?


That feature needs to be added back. I like to reguarly spot check the transactions that make up some of the totals by clicking on a total and having it take you to the detail list of the transactions that make up that number.


Yes they are, everyone is required to accept invoiced orders. Switch to the Invoiced Orders tab/dropdown and as SHAHAR said it will likely be there.


Financial report should be with the accountant professional request .
Any these report must be discussed with your Amazon internal accountant to get professional suggestion .
This new format dose not follow accounting professional criteria .
IT technical engineer just the tools of programming or tools maintainer .
To avoid this nonsense report format, IT engineer should not be the leader or project owner of professional accounting.
Best Regards


Not one positive feedback. Like if they have a seller with not one positive feedback they will let them continue to sell. So this change ain’t going anywhere!


I don’t have a switch for Invoice.


I can’t find that tab/dropdown


We are non Professional sellers. Where is the 3 week payment schedule? I only see one date now.


Pretty useless. Coders are probably bored.


“At-a glance” confusion. Thanks again, Amazon, for changing something that worked perfectly well the way it was and making it more difficult.


Really do not like this new format its too confusing.