New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


I’m looking under payments summary and don’t see it anymore


This was a bad redesign. There was no need to change and now it’s missing a true breakdown of costs and revenue.

Programmers trying to keep their jobs by creating work for themselves ehh?


Please revert it back to the old page. It was so much easier to get all the information I needed before.


There is no added value to the graphics. This is an accounting report and should be clear and simple. Please revert back to the linear page.


No it isn’t. It used to be you could view upcoming transactions. Now you can see the next one and be told what the total is with fancy looking useless graphics.


The old view was a fairly simple math equation, simply adding/subtracting the various amounts to arrive at the “bottom-line”

Each of the amounts added/subtracted were able to be clicked for a breakdown. This made it easy and quick to understand what was going on with the total.


I must not be talking about the same thing everyone else is. I don’t see how it would be possible for Amazon to tell you what “the next few upcoming payments” are going to be.


Terrible !


Not happy about the change, I miss the old version since this one is not print friendly.


I hate it. It is not simpler. I like to drill down and see the actual data not a pretty picture. Why do you continue to change things and tell us after the fact.


Terrible, I hate this new page. Bring back the old one and get rid of the person who keeps designing everything in boxes. Hate my seller home page too with all the boxes. These changes are more cluttered and distracting. No value.


The old version, with all its shortcomings [read: non-seller-friendly aspects], was way much clearer and useful. I don’t buy the “it takes getting used to” rationale. I invite my seller colleagues to cite any significant seller-friendly site improvements instituted in the past 5 years.


I like that map showing me where in Belgium my FBA shipments are, lol :japanese_ogre:


It’s very purty!


What exactly do you miss in the new version, that you liked in the old one ?


Please bring back the old page this one is not seller friendly!


I didn’t like the old one - I disliked it. but what I miss from it…

(1) The list of weekly sales titles, listed one after the other;
(2) the overall structural organization;
(3) the more practical sequence of user actions needed to arrive at specific information.
(4) less “artful” deflection from the fact of how much Amazon earns from each of my sales.

Are there aspects of the new format which make your selling easier? I realize that it might depend on what sort of inventory each of us is offering.


The new page is ugly and hard to even read it. If some sellers like it and others not give us the option to choose between the old version and the new version.


Gross sales
+/- Fees (Clickable to show a breakdown)
+/- Returns (Clickable to show a breakdown)
+/- Payments (Clickable to show a breakdown)
+/- Lending (Clickable to show a breakdown)
+/- Subscription (Clickable to show a breakdown)

= Disbursement Amount

It wasn’t pretty, but it allowed us to see the math at a glance. If there was a question about a line-item, it was simply a matter of clicking it to see where they derived that number.


This format is not about selling easier, it’s a picture of past transactions/sales.

  1. Date range report has this information.
  2. Matter of taste.
  3. Also matter of taste and how each one of the sellers works,
  4. Some people like graphs, much more visual to them.
    How many times in a month we check these reports ?