New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


The old one was MUCH easier to use. This takes up more space and is less straight-forward. I don’t like this one at all. Please bring back the original.


Please give us the option to access the old dashboard. By observing the number of sellers using the new vs old dashboard, you will answer your question about whether this change was helpful for sellers


Man, I guess you know already - this is AWFUL, we need our old interface BACK RIGHT NOW!!!




Why can’t Amazon leave well enough alone and stop changing things! All I want to do is see what my expected payments are for the next 3 weeks out,


So, beyond the aesthetics and functionality. **The numbers aren’t consistently accurate and, since impementation there has been a random variable amount being withheld from the available balance beyond Selling Fees, Paypal Lending Payments, and the ridiculously unnecessary “rolling hold” (placed “in case people are upset that items arrive late due to Covid” despite no actual issues).

Today that mystery gap is nearly $800… no rhyme or reason, just unaccounted for.

I’ve repeatedly tried contacting Seller Support over the past week, both via phone and email. I think I’m up to 8 attempts. Each time they claim to be transferring the case to a supervisor or another department and close it as answered. I eventually receive an email with unrelated cut and paste.

Absolutely unacceptable.


Paypal on amazon ??


If you need an easy way to get an extensive P&L in Excel, I’d recommend trying out QueryStax. I’ve been using their software for the past few months to “simplify my financial experience.” I scheduled their P&L statement to be sent to my inbox at the end of every week, month and quarter so that I can keep track of all the fees my business is paying. Great way to quickly identify irregularities and if you want you can request a meeting with their staff who helps with identifying where you might be overpaying (saved me a few $100). Would highly recommend for anyone that feels like they need more transparency regarding where their money is going. Pretty sure they have a free trial.


18 month history is not there “at a glance” anymore - major problem


We need inventory numbers! I have been working with inventory reports daily going back 20 years with department stores. Why can Amazon not provide inventory numbers to correspond with sales trends. The data is all there!


I agree…
There was NOTHING wrong with the old payment page, in fact it had some data I used in my business that’s now harder to find.


:rotating_light: Please see this post for just some of the Forum topics about the changes to the Seller Central home page. There has to be a middle ground for functionality and usability!


Before I was an Amazon seller, I worked in technology improving tools for users. Where was the user input on these changes??? Every piece of data that I rely on as a Seller, is buried deep under 2 or 3 or more clicks. What a waste of my time and a waste of space. I used to be able to see how sales were progressing in units and amounts throughout the day and not have to dig for them, along with 7 day sales and 30 day sales. Who did you create this mess for? Certainly not us. Shame on you Amazon!




This is an awful design for a page. Useful information is now buried beneath various menus and reports. Previously, it was nice that the user could move parts of the interface to suit. For a while we had that, but the boxes were in the way. I didn’t like scrolling past them and yet it was only an annoyance. Now they are the only thing on the dashboard other than a few items on one line at the top. I have to dig for information. I would leave the top line and make the boxes removable.


The reason only 30 or so people are active on this thread is because, just like everything Amazon does, they make threads such as this almost impossible to locate. I have been searching for an actual place to complain about the new format of seller central for days now - and here I am, finally. The majority of the sellers truly do HATE the change, which Amazon does not seem to care about in the least. Why can’t we opt to use the old version of the page? That should not be that difficult to arrange. Also, having to use drop-down after drop-down to see the same info we used to be able to see at first glance on seller central, is positively ridiculous. It is as though Amazon is dedicated to making sellers lives more complicated.
You are correct that sellers get used to working in certain ways and do not like change, but why change what works for a majority of the sellers? It makes ZERO sense! Saying “sellers spend time collecting/sorting information they don’t need for any business purpose?” What? Really! How exactly did you become the guide to all sellers and businesses? I’m just thrilled the changes work for you, but believe me, they DO NOT WORK for the vast majority of sellers - not that Amazon cares… I guess I would say to you, enjoy the changes for your business, but don’t try to convince others that it works just fine, because it does not!!! The changes totally SUCK and only cause sellers more time and confusion. Time is money you know.


Dear Amazon…

Really? The majority of sellers detest the changes to seller central so why not put it back the way it was? If not that, please let sellers opt out of the change. You have only complicated the “at-a-glance view” of everything. Sellers must now spend more time going to this click, then that click, and yet another click. If it works don’t fix it! All the new boxes at the top of the page are silly and totally useless. Please revert back to what was simple and made sense for the sellers.


Can someone explain what the “FBA fees” relate to, as they are not main FBA fees that are already included within “Amazon fees”?


We have encountered over 100 distinct amazon transaction types in our settlements over the years. (TransactionType, AmountType, AmountDescription). With this new report, I’m having a real difficult time mapping them to the correct dashboard categories so I can recreate the data behind it. It was simple to match the old statements, they should enable drill downs on every category so you can see where it fits on this new dashboard view.


Nice job. Last settlement we had 43 distinct transaction types. Since we started on Amazon, 101 so far. We load the Flat File v2 into a SQL database and had created a lookup table that gives our accounting category, along with mapping to the old statement view so we could easily recreate it. I’m having a tough time creating new mapping to match this payment dashboard. It would be fine enough if we could at least drill down on every category to see the summary & transactions.