New Payments dashboard provides sellers an at-a-glance view of their finances


That’s a really good point LandscapeToEat. I wonder if Amazon can put out a tutorial or a set of instructions on how to read these new charts. That might really help us to see where to get all the information we are seeking.


I’m not sure why it would matter.

You seem to have an argument with many things


Because there are different ways to look at the info.

Yes, I like simple things, maybe I miss something…why do you need this information ?


Terrible design that was not needed. Stupid blue and red swooshes are not useful at all. No direct links to reports. You have to now go do it manually. And this is the best Amazon’s web design team can offer? Who asked for this? Go ahead and spend time and money fixing something that was not broken to begin with - and make it worse.


Here’s an example of why I don’t like being able to see the detail.
There is a $11.58 expense in “Other”

But when you go to the transaction view to see “Other” there is nothing there.

Analyzing the entire transaction detail I found that it was for two $5.79 prepaid return shipping labels.

To me that should be part of the Refunds Expense section under the category Billing for return postage and not “Other”.


Hate the new format, bring back the old one.


It’s very pretty but it needs to be functional and intuitive as well. There is no cohesion and nothing aligns properly to compare numbers, fees charges, etc. It sort of looks like someone’s business graphic design project for school or something.


Simply put, terrible. Someone saved their job coming up with this.


The Dumbing Down of America - starts at the top.


I got an e-mail asking if they could call be about this. I said sure and gave them my phone number and a time I thought they could call. Though I wasn’t sure how much help a phone conversation would add to what I already thought which was that we want to have access to what the old statement said since many had built their accounting workflow around those items that were on the old statement. And the numbers need to have the ability to drill down to details the way they used to.

And this is the reply to that e-mail

Thanks for your response and feedback. We acknowledge your feedback regarding the clickable links and will explore ways to add capabilities to drill-down on items going forward.


Why? I liked the old page…simple and easy to navigate and to the point.


It seems the new “dashboard” still has most of the information on it. Unfortunately they have re-arranged it, changed some of the names and shuffled around some things so they divide up or split out differently than before (like it wasn’t always easy to figure out what other meant before but since they have now changed things it might be something different than what we got used to) Perhaps that THAT big a deal to the Order of the universe. BUT any little glitch that messes up getting the accounting to balance can really drive a person batty!!!

Hopefully they give back access to the old view. And Hopefully they make numbers clickable for drill down so you can actually find out what stuff means again.


Please return to the old format. This format offers nothing I need.


In addition, there are, at least, three “other”…one is on the main format, and second is under “refunded sales” break down, one more is under “amazon fees”…none of them has links to it…How my accountant will explain to an IRS auditor what is under “other”?
Every business has different ways of handling accounting; but, regardless, those reports that support the number(s) in the statement must be linked, so, seller has the ability to decide where to allocate those numbers.
As an example, “FBA fees” has no break down/report any more… but shipping charges to Amazon’s warehouse is under “Freight” in my accounting software while Returns from warehouse is under “Lost” and Storage fees are under “Warehouse Rent expenses”…there are no “FBA fees” in my accounting books…
And, before, some people jump with “did you look at the monthly transaction report?”…yes, I know, I can find everything somewhere…but, it was there before change and was easily accessible…


Looks nice but how come they put the most important piece of data (payment) at the bottom in small print?


totally useless update, that Sellers never asked for.
I am amazed how Amazon is rolling out new things “for sellers”, that sellers never asked for, but completely disregards many of the issues sellers are begging to update.

  1. It’s impossibe to put everything at the top…
  2. If you check again , it’s also very close to the top is large print.
  3. If you look at the seller central page, which is the main gate for amazon sellers…the information is there also…


Not much useful




this dashboard is not usefull , it is apparent nobody on this page likes it . it needs to be removed, and more data needs to be provided on transactions and payments