New News? Amazon to Allow 2000 Character Product Titles


I think I saw 50 characters max for product titles last week, is this a new change to 200 now? or am I mistaken?


LOL, you’re going to attract masses due to the typo in your thread title (2000 char) … but yes, at least for Handmade, it’s been corrected upwards from 50.

They want us to stick to 60-100 characters, while observing all guidelines regarding capitalization, etc, but it’s either 150 or max 200.



I had to look it up last night, it’s 200


The general rule is 200 but there are category specific limits which differ.

And the new policy does not apply to BMVD.


Please see response from Seamod here -


So where do I find the updated charachter limit for a specifc category, say Tools and home Improvement, is it 200 Characters as well?


The new help page

Follow the link to category specific instructions

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