New lithium battery requirement for FBA sellers


does anyone have an example of what this sheet looks like?


I have started to get cases created in my case log requesting these documents. Has anyone else started to get them? They are for items that are no longer being sold FBA, were listed before the announcement went out, and sold out. I have no intention of resisting. I was under impression we were only required to have this doc for fba inventory going forward AFTER Jan 1 2020. Unsure as to why I am getting requests now, for old items that were out of stock before the announcement was made. Any help from forum or mod would be appreciated.


Does anyone receive any news from Amazon?


Make bulk uploads a thing


Does someone have an answer for the following questions?

If Amazon open a case, and send a notice to ask for the battery test summary of one ASIN,

  1. will this ASIN can still be active pending documents preparation/under review? Or it automatically becomes inactive?

  2. If this ASIN becomes inactive during the process, can a seller still be able to remove all FBA inventory of this ASIN to get all products back?



Happened to me already; my listing was removed even though it doesn’t contain any lithium, they just suspected that it might :roll_eyes:


It starts.

Please submit your third party test summary, SDS, and a full Plan of Action for how you will address this violation. It will be reviewed within 4 business months, and if an unqualified overworked underpaid person in another hemisphere feels that you sufficiently confessed to the unforgivable screwup that any average 8-year-old could tell you didn’t actually make, your listing will be reinstated.


Can you still remove the FBA inventory after the listing was removed? Thanks


Yes, but the said they will reverse the restriction and reinstate the listing. That’s was a week ago and still no change in the status of my restricted listing :frowning:


Hey @DealsOnWheels So my supplier provided me with a un38.3 test report for the lithium ion batteries that my product will come with, it was issued 3/5/19. I haven’t started selling yet will that test report be good enough for amazon or do I need some other test report also ?


I’m pretty sure no one at Amazon knows either.


Just wanted to update everyone, the listing was reinstated yesterday! So, I definitely should have been more patient. It seems like a long time, but I am new to this, and I’m sure they worked on the case as quickly as they could during the holiday. Still annoyed it was taken down in the first place because it doesn’t contain lithium but all was remedied eventually


Yes this is sufficient and will be ok.


@DealsOnWheels do you have any experience selling 14500 16340 18650 20700 21700 and 26650 lithium batteries. They are restricted under electronics and the product I want to sell has 18650 batteries.


Hi, my products use AG1, AG3 very small button cell batteries, which are made of Silver Oxide or Alkaline zinc, no Li-on inside them. Will they be required UN38.8 ?


@haosweeter the announcement stated “battery manufacturers and distributors must provide a lithium battery test summary, per a United Nations standard known as UN 38.3.”

Lithium is the key. Does not mean that at some point an Amazon bot will not get confused and think yours might have lithium.


I don’t, I am sorry.


First, MSDS have been deprecated & replaced with SDS. Second, an SDS is NOT a test summary, it is a hazard communication statement and should NOT be used to communicate safety or regulatory compliance information beyond it’s legislated scope.


I wanna know what the files are like, because I took the files from the supplier and upload, but Amazon said :it is not ok


OSHA requires that SDS preparers provide specific minimum information as detailed in Appendix D of 29 CFR 1910.1200

For additional information on SDS please visit OSHA’s website: {offsite link}

Amazon it seems is very particular regarding SDS information (brand, manufacturer, etc.) matching exactly the information that was supplied in the product listing. Amazon’s staff that is reviewing SDS seems to actually be both competent and knowledgeable.

I recently assisted another seller receive approval for an SDS Amazon’s staff initially rejected it for incorrect hazard class. It took less than 20 minutes to remedy the issue. In his case the SDS was correct, OSHA has an obscure flammable liquid rule for specific chemicals that if the flash point is within 30 degrees C normal use conditions it should be placed into the next hazard class. We cited the relevant document and section and everything was good. However, in another instance Amazon would not budge on rejecting an SDS because the Manufacturer’s name was different on the SDS, than on the listing. I’m sharing these examples to advise you that Amazon is probably correct in rejecting the SDS and point you in a good trouble shooting direction.

Also, it really does help if you can provide a URL from the manufacturers website/domain rather than uploading a pdf or worse a picture from your cellphone.