New lithium battery requirement for FBA sellers


Books aren’t pesticides, either, but some sellers had listings for books pulled in that fiasco. All it will take is one keyword in the title or description to get a book flagged as requiring lithium battery tests.


Funny you say that; and you’ll probably be the one who is back on here… saying "a bots running rampant on my “Book” listings, "describing it as “lithium battery”, “and it’s not”, “now I see the dog page”. “HELP”



books pulled in that fiasco

A book on how batteries work! Suspended in… 3… 2…


Why are alkaline batteries being suddenly marked as lithium?

LR44 and LR54 batteries are no longer allowed to be classed as LR44 or LR54, they now come up as lithium based when they are alkaline

This is going to be a nightmare


batteries was already a nightmare. we had a bunch of ours moved into categories we weren’t approved to sell in, out of their appropriate specific category where all the rest were located.


Did you not Read my Statement. Amazon has no clue about Different Battery composition’s. This has been ongoing for years now . NiMH , Alkaline, NinZ are all Not LIOn But you will see people that think they are .


Laptop seller is going to the hell.


You know funny thing, I got one of my items flagged for the battery safety sheet a couple of days back and it doesn’t require batteries at all. I was going to do the FBA and now I can’t.


The good news is this will put an end to the cheap, bootleg, generic knock off end of life batteries from China that are ready to explode any minute. No more packs of 200 AA Rayovac batteries for 99¢. Even though they are made in WI, I often wondered why they arrive in an unlabeled toxic baggies from China. Now when the price is too good to be true, you’ll be able to check the test summary which will show the actual manufacturers location.


I won’t be surprised if books about lions are also blocked.


so: everybody lithen up.


Are my products that only include a small non-rechargeable lithium coin battery(CR-type) sellable? Would it get suspended if I don’t have the UN standard test?


more requirements for better safety.


This will become ridiculous. The remote also contained a Li battery. So remote also needs a test summary. In this case, tons of electronic devices will ask the test summary. Oh, it will become crazy.


Just means i will move more products to other venues. More than likely, California is behind this.


Can you imagine the number of “reports” Amazon is going to have to read. Compound all ASINs with a lithium ion battery inside the product (nearly all electronics) and multiply it by all sellers listing it. I cannot begin to fathom.

What if I am selling a discontinued model? Used products?

What percentage of sellers didn’t read this update? How many will ignore it?

Are they going to dispose of hundreds of millions of dollars of products without a timely report?

UN is for international law. What if I’m not an international seller? What if I’m FBM? So many unanswered questions from their memo.

Representative care to elaborate?


Anyone wonder why United States sellers are following United Nation standards? Current USA laws and regulations are not good enough? I didn’t even know the UN had standards! Lord have mercy.


Maybe you clicked the wrong button?? Try it again and when it asks if it is a battery or has a battery click no. Just a thought? I know when I’m adding new items I am trying to fly through the pages so I can get my items shipped.


Isn’t this the truth. It was hell explaining to them that my POE IP camera doesn’t have a battery and then I also sell handles and knobs that also got flagged as a dangerous good. Amazon just doesn’t give a crap if their bots are stupid. Sadly it still took several escalations to get these things sent into FBA.


I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Just priced the UN38.3 testing - $5000-7000 per battery plus a minimum of 16 sample batteries to be tested…

Anyone know where someone can obtain these tests when a vendor has already completed them but for some reason refuses to provide them? Girding myself for a battle.