NEW: Free Economy Shipping?


Who is going to buy standard shipping if you offer free economy shipping. How will it effect price changing/adjusting programs?


>Aug 19, 2014
>It’s now easier than ever to offer free shipping on your products. We’ve created a new shipping option, Free Economy Shipping, for sellers with Professional selling plans to offer free shipping to addresses in the continental United States. The new ship option has a 5-8 business day delivery service level agreement, providing you more flexibility to fulfill orders with free shipping.
>You can start offering Free Economy Shipping today from your Shipping Settings page. For additional information, visit The Power of Free Shipping.

I think it was always possible but now it is just easier? In any case it will just get put into the overall price of the item.


My standard shipping times are 3-5 business days.

Someone may choose that over free economy which is 4-7 business days for me.

This is actually great! In the holiday season I will be able to simply turn off my standard shipping and choose free economy. That will give an extra two days.


Hey there 3 Kids,

It will only be available to buyers if you decide to enable it. If you do not then it will not be available.




It looks like the sellers on the older platform does not have this option in their shipping settings.


If they want to be fair, they should allow Professional Sellers offering Free Economy Shipping (5-8 days) to win the Buy Box, since they allow Sellers who offer 4-14 Day Shipping to win the Buy Box currently.

My guess is they won’t. Maybe I’m wrong…I’m sure mega-sellers are chomping at the bit to be able to win the Buy Box and ship using Smartpost/Surepost/SmartMail (bleh!).

So, to answer your question, we’ll first have to see how it impacts the Buy Box. If it does, repricers will have to make some changes, assuming the API can see the Economy Shipping price as well as Standard Shipping.


Hey, it isn’t 30+ days like International Sellers get, but it is a start :wink: . Our luck is that Free Economy 5-8 Shipping won’t go into the BB calculation. I already offer free standard 3-5 shipping, so it doesn’t really impact me, yet.


Yes, this is just a simpler way to choose free shipping. It also allows you to have free shipping and also paid shipping on the same listings.

It also appears to stand out more on the listings, rather than just having $0 charge for shipping.

Don’t be fooled and think Amazon is going to compensate you anything for that. Free shipping still means there is no shipping credit given to you.


I understand it needs to be enabled…

I use a program that reprices. Let’s say my current price for an item is $6.99 + $3.99 shipping (3-5 days).

It puts it under the $11.00 seller doing FBA.

IF I were to sign up for economy shipping, would the program keep it at $6.99 or raise the price to $10.98 + free shipping ?


Obviously it would keep it at $6.99.


where do you enable this ?


Can’t image it would be beneficial at all.

The prices would have to be increase, like for FBA.

And this helps us, how?


Its not obvious or I wouldn’t have asked…

Its what I thought, but its not obvious…


I don’t think you understand what I asked, therefore your “obvious” answer…

No biggie…


Its in the shipping settings.


Of course it helps. It allows an easy way and slower shipping time for some sellers.


2 days ago 6 of my sales had FREE ECONOMY shipping on them. I didn’t even know what that was. When I went into my shipping settings, it was checked. I know I didn’t check it, so I unchecked it. Now here comes the problem. All 6 orders were shipped and tracking info entered. When I go to my payments report, none of these 6 orders are there. If I do a search by order number it comes up “no results”. I contacted customer support and they wrote back and said I had to send pictures of the orders cause they couldn’t find them. I did screen shots of all 6 orders, showing shipped on my orders page. Now they write back and say they have to have someone else look into it. What the heck! If I look at by balance due, the money for those orders isn’t there. Sure hope they figure it out sooner than later. I already do Free Shipping, so that part didn’t bother me. And now that they’ve announced their new policy it sounds like it would be good for holiday shipments. But not if they aren’t going to pay you. We’ll see what happens next.



It is obvious. Do you think Amazon would raise prices for you? Obviously not. Amazon wants you to offer the cheapest prices.


Someone who wants the product faster? Standard Shipping is 3-5 days for Professional sellers. Economy shipping is meant for services such as Parcel Post, FedEx Smartpost, DHL SmartMail, and UPS Surepost.