New Format "Right Side Slide in" - Amazon page hogging bug


If your books are “unknown binding”, chances are they will NOT show up.
I have found a number of mine that are not showing, BUT, some have the Buy Box???
I plan to try to relist these, if I can find ‘correct binding’ for them.
Nancy in Texas


We really don’t need another thread about this: Advanced search changes affecting book sellers?

The new format started in DECEMBER and only now being rolled out to the book category: What happened to "Other Sellers" box?

There is no glitch.


Well, on a least one of mine, there is NO ‘other sellers’ link on the detail page.
When I search from my inventory there are 8 other seller offering this book.
Red the Rose, Sharp the Thorn [unknown_binding] B0006QBKFM
Nancy in Texas


Not a bug. It’s Amazon’s latest bad idea. Apparently they want to get rid of 3rd party sellers.


This dreadful pop-in is not limited to advanced searching, it is implemented on the regular offer page now; when you click on “used”, this thing pops up. I’ve now had a few days to use this, and it is a 100%, total disaster of a change. This pop-in not only has limited information and does NOT show photos, but there is no way to even see photos. Much of my sales volume is from books for which the descriptions are enhanced by photos and sales have literally disappeared in the last few days. Although I now know from the forums that one can still see the original page by right clicking “used” and opening in a new tab, but no buyers are going to know this. Every day brings a new horror for selling on this site.


Amazon is testing a new offer comparison customer experience

POSTED: October 1, 2019

Starting October 1, 2019, we will be experimenting with a new offer listing page experience. Some US customers will see a secondary view on product detail pages accessible from the “New & Used” link when shopping in certain categories (e.g., Furniture, PCs). The new secondary view (called All Offers Display) is intended to help customers quickly compare offers without needing to click through multiple pages, making all seller offers more accessible.



This one escaped me. Thank you for posting this.



It appears that eyeballs are being pushed toward the lowest New offer, which resides at the top of the used 3p offer slide in.


If we have work-a-rounds for this, such as right-clicking on the condition you want and opening in new tab…

Result: 13 New from $21.37

…hopefully, enough buyers will figure this out as well. That’s the best we can hope for.

Hated it in October and hate it even more today… :snail:


You’re brilliant!! I just tried it, and you are so right. It works. But I never would have thought to do that, and I’m not sure our customers will figure it out either. I hope so though! Thanks!


@Rushdie, my guess is about 5-7% of buyers will figure this out.


Works Great. But if there is NO ‘other sellers’ link on the detail page. Not so good
Nancy in Texas


Or the links for the other sellers products doesn’t work when it does show up now, at least on my mac. Only way I can get a full list of 3P prices for used books is to right click on used link and open on a new tap from a windows computer. Could not get it to open at all any way from my mac.


Same problem with records. I noticed the buy box goes to Prime first no matter how high the price is.


No bug in your pics there- the first image is the hardcover detail page, but you’re clicking the 11 new under the paperback option, hence the different price being shown. Click on the 8 new (to the left of the 11 new link you used), and you’ll see Amazon’s price matching what you see on the page.


The individual listings photos look hideous, distorted and fuzzy. As seller and buyer, I want photos. Even if Amazon keeps this busy, cluttered format, surely it will restore the messed up photos? Maybe?


Amazon is selling in New condition for $18.87, as well as $33.99.

They’re selling the paperback for $18.87 new and the hardback for $33.99 new. Trying to understand the information the new slide-out thingie is showing you is going to take some time for people to adapt to.

I hate it too. As a shopper, this would drive me to shop elsewhere. You can’t imagine how much I detest pop-up, fly-out, and any other stupid, annoying, stuck-on-top-of-the-thing-you’re-trying-to-look-at windows. But I suspect it’s there to make the mobile site more efficient. For folks like me who still prefer a big wide monitor to a teeny weeny phone screen, it’s a PITA.


This. What you said.


I think 3rd party sellers, who made the platform successful, are no longer needed. EXCEPT Amazon cannot manufacture everything. Can they?


Wouldn’t be so sure of that. Online shoppers are generally more computer literate, than the average bear.
When users become frustrated, they’ll try tips and tricks they are already familiar with and may pass that info on to others.

It’s a PITA, but what can you do?

I posted this in general earlier, Song preview removed from Amazon, thinking the original thread, under Site Feedback, Song Preview gone now? wasn’t getting traction, but no one seems perturbed by the removal of the preview option.

A manufacturer video is not going to replace a song preview…