New FBA manual processing fees information in US marketplace


The Amazon Marketplace Web Services team is proud to announce the addition of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) manual processing fees information to the Fulfillment Inbound Shipment service. This feature only applies to sellers in the US marketplace.

The CreateInboundShipment and UpdateInboundShipment operations now include the IntendedBoxContentsSource element in the InboundShipmentHeader parameter for callers to specify how box content information will be provided. If NONE, the box contents will be manually processed by Amazon. If FEED, the box contents are detailed in the _POST_FBA_INBOUND_CARTON_CONTENTS_ feed. If 2D_BARCODE, the box will need to have a 2D barcode with box contents affixed to the outside.

The ListInboundShipments response now includes the BoxContentsSource element showing how box content information will be provided.

CreateInboundShipment and ListInboundShipment may include the EstimatedBoxContentsFee element for details about how fees may apply to your shipment, if box content information has not been provided.

The client libraries for the Fulfillment Inbound Shipment service have been updated to version 2016-07-01. You only need to download the new client libraries if you want to use this new functionality.

The updated client libraries are now available in three languages:

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