New FBA Listing - Delivered to Warehouse but Never Received or Checked in


I sent in a batch of inventory for a new listing we just created along with a shipment of inventory for one of our main products we’ve been selling for over a year now. The shipment has been received and checked in, but only the inventory for the established listing is showing as received and has become available.

All of the inventory for the new listing we are trying to sell shows the box was delivered in Memphis, but it says nothing about them receiving or checking in the quantity that we sent. Under my inventory page, the listing in question still shows as Inactive (Out of Stock) even though the shipment has been checked in. Nothing in FC transfer, nothing inbound, it is like the 50 new units have just disappeared.

Seller Support just tells you to wait until your reconciliation date, wanted to see if other sellers have been able to resolve this problem without having to wait until you can reconcile the shipment. If a mod on the forums could take a look at our account and help us understand this issue it would be greatly appreciated.


When was it received by Amazon? It is the busiest time of year, everything takes longer


It was just recently checked in, they last updated this shipment yesterday but still nothing on the missing units. i was just concerned since none of the units appeared to be in FC transfer and if this was normal for sending inventory on a new listing.


You never answered how long ago it was delivered by the carrier to the FC

It can take a week or more before they receive the shipment in after delivery.


There is no particular time frame for the receiving portion. At this time of year i’ve heard stories of it taking a month to finalize shipments.


I think you may confused, checked in just means that it was delivered. It does not mean that amazon has done anything with your shipment. The status will change to “receiving” once they begin processing the shipment and then units will go into FC transfer and be available to purchase, generally with a future ship date on the items page…


It was delivered and they began receiving the shipment Dec 3rd, so it really hasnt been much time. I just thought it was odd that they were receiving one of the SKUs which has already been added to inventory, but the box containing the new listing SKU only shows as delivered to the warehouse and it no longer shows the 50 units that were sent for the new listing, nor does it show them being received.
Its understandable that things take longer this time of year with Christmas approaching, its just not something we’ve experienced before when shipping multiple SKUs.


We’ve been monitoring these forums daily, and it’s the same issue with many many people…multiple boxes sent into FBA, yet only 4/5 or whatever fraction are successfully received into inventory, while the units inside that last box just disappear, and upon reconciliation, Amzn sends the canned response: “We have completed an additional check in response to your request. We have no record of receiving the units in question.” After only 123/288 units received on one (closed) shipment and now again with only 44/228 units received on another shipment, we simply cannot trust the fc anymore.


Thats awful news i hate hearing that, luckily we finally had our units show up today so they were just in FC transfer like we had hoped and like many other sellers explained. Its alarming when the inventory doesn’t show up and seems to just disappear completely, as any business does not want to deal with uncertainty in their day to day operations. Fortunately patience resolved our problems, but this does seem to be a reoccurring issue that many sellers are facing. Discrepancies in inventory count, missing boxes, etc.