New FBA account suspended before even starting to sell


I signed up for an FBA account and provided a copy of my driver’s license and credit card statement as requested. Received the welcome emai with tips on how to list items for sale and my bank account was drafted the $39.99 monthly fee. Then received an email requesting a utility bill with my name on it, but could not furnish cause the utilities are in my husbands name instead offer to submit other proof of residency. Shorty after recevied the following email

We reviewed your account, and we have decided that you may not sell on

We found that your account is related to another account that may not be used to sell on the site. Due to the nature of our business, we do not provide details on our investigation methods.

Please ship any open orders. If you have any funds in your account, they will be available after any amounts paid for A-to-z claims or chargebacks on your orders have been deducted. This usually takes about 90 days, but funds may be held longer.

You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of Seller Central. If you have questions about those, please send an email to
Seller Performance Team
I emailed them back since I have no idea what they’re referring to since I don’t have another seller account and wanted to get help in resolving the issue. The only account I have is a prime member for my personal use that I’ve had for years.

This is the what they replied to my email


We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we have decided that you may not sell on

We may not respond to further emails about this issue.
Seller Performance Team

I still don’t know what’s going on and feel like there’s no one I can talk to on their end to help me sort this out. Maybe I filled out something wrong in the inital application? I don’t know. Is there anything else I can do at this point?
Thank you



It sounds like your account was somehow linked to a suspended account. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to start selling or successfully appeal unless the related account’s suspension gets lifted.

Now you need to identify the linked account. Have you ever used your credit card to buy using another person’s buyer account?


Thank you for your response,

I have never used my credit card to buy for another person’s account. I had my own prime buyer account for many years. The problem is that according to their email from above they don’t want to provide my with details of what they are referring to. How am I supposed to fix it if I’m not given the chance to? I have never sold anything with them and been faithfully buying from them for so many years. I feel it’s unjust that they won’t help me. I still want to sell as an individual using FBA but I don’t know what else to do.

Also, when I signeid up I put my credit card information vs. my bank card, then received an email to update my card onfile so I used the bank card instead of the credit card this time. Then I realize that I sent them a credit card statement instead of a bank statement. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the problem. Both credit card and bank card are in my maiden name with the same address and my drivers license has my maiden name but also my husband last name added to it so that’s a problem, I don’t know.
I wish they had a number that you can actually speak to someone on the seller performance team. I spoke to someone from the suport team and she told me to email them and explain the the addtion to the last name in the drivers license, I did exactly that and that’s when they sent me the email stating that I could not sell. This is all so confusing to me.


You used someone else’s utility bill. You have several threads going and I can’t keep up with all the different versions…


No, the first time they ask me for credit card statement which I sent. Then they sent me the welcome email and after that an email of suspension requesting an utility bill. I called the seller support and told her I didn’t have a utility bill because it’s on my husband’s name, but that I can supply other forms of documentation e.g. medical or insurance papers with my information. The seller support told me to email seller performance and explain. I emailed them and explain the situation and after that they sent me an email saying I couldn’t sell on amazon because my account was associated with another account that was not allowed to sell . I don’t understand that part because I’ve never sold anything in amazon or signed up for any other seller account. So I don’t know what’s going on.


Oh no, My daughter just informed me that she had opened a seller account about 6 years ago when she lived with me but never used. She had completely forgotten about it. She hasn’t lived with me for over 5 years. So that’s the account they are referring to. She changed the address on that seller account and now is closing it. I wonder if they would allow me to still open a new one. I really don’t think so.


Is your daughter’s account suspended or not?

You should close the second account and keep the first one.


Yes her account is suspended. She didn’t even know she had one, she forgot about it and never used it. She opened it with the intention to sell some college books that she had at the time but never used it.


You will need to close the second account and then appeal through the first one.


She emailed them to close her account. I have to wait until they get back to her. Praying everything works out.


I started responding to you in another thread, then realized, this is the thread you started.

I am quoting myself, from the New Seller Checklist, since this is the one of primary concern to you.

N.B.: Please understand, Amazon Seller-Support reps, are limited in their knowledge, of many questions sellers may have.

Many sellers do not understand, their are numerous Seller-Support departments, within Amazon. General Seller-Support, has been known to give erroneous information, to sellers, some of that “advice”, even leading to the suspension of sellers.

One of the most grievous and erroneous bits of information, Seller-Support, has been know to give, is advising sellers, to open a new seller account, when an existing seller account is already open. (This applies, even if you opened an account 10 years ago and never used it.)

Amazon Seller Accounts, are limited to a SINGLE account, per lifetime and a SINGLE account per household, except in certain circumstances, as per the following:

Multiple seller accounts:

Operating and maintaining multiple Seller Central accounts is prohibited. If you have a legitimate business need for a second account, you can apply for an exception to this policy:

  1. Go to Contact us.
  2. Click Selling on Amazon, then select Your account, then select Other account issues.

In your request, please provide an explanation of the legitimate business need for a second account. To be considered for approval:

  1. You must have a separate bank account for each Seller Central account. We will not approve multiple Seller Central accounts that use the same bank account within the same region. If you sell across regions (for example in North America and Europe), you may use the same bank account for your Seller Central accounts as long as your accounts are linked though Amazon Global Selling.
  2. Each account must have a separate email address.
  3. The products and services sold in each account must be different.
  4. Your Performance Metrics must be in good standing.

We will respond to your request within 2 to 3 business days.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in account termination.

Another seller had a similar problem, several months back and although it took a while, Amazon eventually closed their son’s seller account (also never used) and allowed the parent to sell.

Please and I cannot stress this enough, ONLY Seller Performance can help you with this. Do NOT, under any circumstances, listen to Seller Support reps, which is who you will get, if you call in. can only be reached through emails. Write to them and follow their directions.


Thank you for this, It’s exactly what happened to me I contacted Seller support and followed their instructions and emailed seller performance and right after received my emailed that there weren’t going to allow me to sell on amazon. I will contact seller performance,Just doing research because I want to be sure I do it the right way since I know it might be my last chance. My daughter requested to close her account so I’m waiting for amazon to reply to her before I email them.

Thank you so much for your response, you’ve given me hope.


You’re welcome.

Also, I just posted in another thread, before, your daughter’s account can be closed, if she never completed the registration, she will have to complete it, prior to having it closed.

Ridiculous, I know, but that’s how things are here. You’re getting the best of the worst, right from the start! – :snail:

Just in case: Close your seller account


What do you mean by completing registration? Sorry I’m so ignorant to all this. I think she completed registration cause she’s able to log into seller central and show 0 sales. Also on the top it says account has been suspended. If not then you are suggesting that I close mine and wait until hers clears and try registering again? If so, wouldn’t they deny me again since technically my account was suspended. Sorry for all the questions trying to understand,


No, no. Don’t do anything. If she is showing suspended, she completed the registration.

Sometimes, sellers start a registration, but never complete it. IF she is suspended, she definitely completed. It was a just in case, scenario.

Leave everything, “as-is” and wait to hear, from Seller Performance, which may take, up to 30 days, so please, be patient.


Ok, She already went online and first updated her address showing she didn’t live in the same household. Now what your’e saying is wait to hear from seller performance to respond to her?


Don’t panic, but personally, if your daughter has no intention of selling here, she should have left everything in the account “as-is”.

Both of you need to write to Seller Performance, since the two of your, are likely suspended for the same reason - duplicate account.

Just a note to Seller Performance, listing the names of both accounts, your names, addresses and telephone numbers, explaining what happened.

The simpler the better.


Thank you so much for your help, I will definetly do that. I have clarity now and feel hopefull thanks to you.



Hello! Did you ever hear back from Seller Performance? Having the same issue and it’s incredibly frustrating that emails go into the void with no hope for phone support.