New criteria for selling dvd's with MSRP over $25?


I decided to change my business model and purchase dvd’s wholesale in order to satisfy Amazon’s new requirements. We purchased dvd’s wholesale on four different occasions spending nearly $500. I sent the invoices to Amazon and was told the invoices did not meet standards due to Amazon’s “proprietary” business reasons. Shortly afterward I was asked for more information in order to approve my account. My question was what information? No reason was given that my invoices were denied beyond the reason being a secret. I sent a second request and stated that I had no clue what else Amazon wanted me to send in because whatever was lacking in my invoices was not stated. How can I fix a problem if no one will tell me what the problem is? I was sent a second denial stating, “Due to proprietary information we are unable to disclose why certain invoices ought to be disapproved.” The message also said that earlier my invoices would have been approved but they did not meet the new criteria.
Here is the information I was provided:
The new criteria is that invoices turned in after January 1, 2015 must be invoices from 2015. No invoices for 2014 will be approved.
Again I wrote and explained that I had already spent $500 purchasing dvd’s wholesale in order to meet up to Amazon’s standards. I cannot afford to keep purchasing dvd’s that I may never be approved to sell.
After sending this request I was once again denied with this explanation:
Unfortunately as per revised Amazon policy,We are not allowed to accept the invoices from @@@@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@. We are implementing this restriction because these products may have a higher risk of authenticity issues.

Of course I cannot publish the name of this business and would not if I could because I know that tons of Amazon sellers have already been approved to sell dvd’s with invoices from this wholesale business. The dvd’s I ordered from them are authentic and this company has excellent customer service and stands behind their products.
I thought maybe posting this, even though the name is not included in the message, might save someone else from making the same mistake I did. There is no need to purchase a bunch of dvd’s wholesale in order to comply with Amazon’s policy, at least not from the company that is mostly named on blogs as one that Amazon does accept. I would not have spent the money I did when I did if I had known Amazon would not accept 2014 invoices in 2015.
The application for approval states these requirements:
Your primary source(s) of inventory
An estimate of the quantity of units you plan to sell
A minimum of 3 invoices or purchase orders from your largest inventory source

No where is it stated these invoices must be from 2015.

I began selling on Amazon in 2003 and consider my ability to use Amazon’s site a privilege and would never take that for granted. In all those years of selling this is the first time that I have felt that Amazon has not been consistent or clear on what the rules are.
I now am stuck with dvd’s that have a MSRP of over $25 that I cannot sell on Amazon. I am not rich or I would not be selling items on Amazon. I cannot afford to spend another $200 to $300 on dvd inventory I may not be approved to sell. Since Amazon accepted hundreds of invoices last year from the company I purchased my dvd’s from and now Amazon will not accept this company’s invoices how do I know the same might not happen with another wholesale company I purchase dvd’s from?
I hope posting this will keep other sellers from wasting their money as I have trying to comply with the new rules implemented to sell dvd’s with a msrp over $25. It is impossible to comply with “proprietary information” that is not shared with the sellers who are attempting to follow those rules.
Has anyone else had this type of problem when applying for approval to sell dvd’s?
Thank you for any input you may have concerning this situation.

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I am sympathetic but not surprised.

I am aware of one wholesaler who specifically encouraged Amazon sellers to to order from them, promising Amazon would approve the invoices, and many primarily used DVD sellers purchased from him. Given the reasons Amazon is cracking down, it is no surprise that they probably blame this wholesaler for any problems with those sellers.

I am sure it is not limited to one wholesaler.

I’d attempt to return the merchandise to your wholesaler advising him that Amazon is not confident in the authenticity of his products.


even if you got approved, there is no guarantee you won’t be disapproved at a later date…forum posts have surfaced to that effect…


Thanks guys. I did not think of returning the merchandise but I hate to do that to a business that has had literally hundreds of Amazon sellers approved with their invoices. All you have to do is google getting approved to sell dvd’s on Amazon and there are blogs that say to use this companies invoices because Amazon is accepting them. I do agree that later one may be disapproved. Some are saying soon the only dvd’s a company will be able to sell are the ones that are specifically on the invoices they submitted. I have grudgingly given up. It is time to move on with my dvd’s and find another outlet. Thank you for answering my post.


Hello and I sympathize with you as well.

It seems that the criteria to receive approval to sell and list DVD’s over $25.00 keeps changing as the months and days go on.

This is new that the invoices have to be from 2015. In the past they had to be within the last 90 days.

I have also read two threads that sellers that were approved to sell DVD’s over $25.00 MSRP had some issues with listings being blocked that weren’t the same type as the DVD’s that they sent invoices in for approval.

I asked for approval late in the process when my DVD’s over $25.00 were restricted and made Inactive. I did receive approval after a period of time by submitting three invoices from two wholesalers and have been able to list DVD’s over $25.00 for time being.

I guess it is up to you how much you want to invest with different wholesalers to receive approval or just list those DVD’s on another website. It is tough knowing what to do when the parameters for approval keep evolving.



I am just done. I don’t like having to beg for approval to sell anything. I have never and would never sell a pirated dvd. I don’t really believe authenticity issues are the reason for having to be approved. I will sell what I can on Amazon. I really do appreciate being allowed to sell anything on their site. When one door closes another one opens so I will have to see what new adventure is ahead. Thank you guys for answering.


I feel for your situation, but $500 spent on 1 p.o. is really nothing at all. It doesn’t surprise me that an invoice with only that much was denied. The point of the restrictions was to weed out all the shifty DVD sellers, and if the only barrier to entry is a $500 p.o. then that isn’t a barrier at all.


So are they expecting all sellers to spend 5k and then possibly still not get approved. I think the whole secret society thing is a bit much, and Amazon really needs to spell out what they want when they do something like this.


Well what’s $500 in $25 dvds wholesale, about 25 dvds? That’s nothing. Amazon expects you to be a retailer. If Amazon is your only sales channel or plan, then you really have bigger issues. They probably expect a normal dvd/media retailer to apply, not an Amazon-only mom & pop.


Is Amazon was really serious about their stated purpose of doing this to get rid of counterfeits, that’s how they would have been doing the restrictions from the beginning.

Having a seller “approved” with legit invoices for 25 (or whatever) DVDs is useless in combatting counterfeits, since Amazon also “approves” those same sellers to list any other DVDs that weren’t on the invoices - who knows where they got them from.

When I do a generic search for “DVD” in the movies/tv category, over 870,000 results come up. So all a counterfeiter would need to do is get a legit invoice for 25 or so titles, get approved, then list and sell whatever counterfeits they want.

The whole approval thing is worthless in keeping counterfeit DVDs off of the site.


Hi Dommie! Thank you for your reply. Perhaps to your business spending $500 on inventory is nothing and I am glad for your success. I have been selling on Amazon for 12 years and never had any problems with selling my merchandise. I really posted this so other sellers who are attempting to be approved might know to send 2015 invoices and also for smaller businesses, like ours, so they would not make the same mistake that I did. I respect Amazon’s decision though I don’t agree with the new rules not being available on the application used for applying to be ungated. I don’t have any issues but I thank you for pointing that out. We do sell on other channels other than Amazon but feel Amazon is our best option for our sales. If Amazon did not want small sellers they would not allow programs such as Asellertool to download their catalog so that small sellers have tools to use in order to purchase inventory at smaller outlets.
I have close to 1000 new dvd’s that I cannot list at this point that were not purchased from wholesale outlets but are certainly not counterfeits. I don’t believe every seller on Amazon can afford to spend thousands of dollars on inventory with the hope of being approved.
When one door closes another one opens. Life is too short to let something like this get in the way of success.
Thanks for your replies everyone.


> I have close to 1000 new dvd’s that I cannot list at this point that were not purchased from wholesale outlets but are certainly not counterfeits.

Well, where the heck did they come from? This is probably why somebody like yourself was not approved. You’re submitting an invoice from a wholesaler for 25 DVDs because that’s all you can afford, yet you have 1,000 from some shady source.


let me spell it out for you: Amazon doesn’t want any more DVD sellers.


It seems there is always someone who wants to be controversial, hostile and accusatory on these threads. But, thank you for your opinion anyway. Most of this inventory was purchased from retail outlets on clearance. I don’t purchase from "shady’ places. As I said, I posted in order to try and help others. If that purpose is invalid then please ignore the post. Please wander over to another post and be confrontational. There is no way I am taking your bait. God Bless!


Lostpackageman, let me spell it out for you. I get that Amazon does not want any more dvd sellers. Not a problem. I lived a blessed life for years without selling dvd’s on Amazon and will continue to do so. I can still sell tons of dvd’s on Amazon as I have always been approved to sell dvd’s under the $25 MSRP that Amazon is protecting. If you don’t find this thread to be any help to you then mosey on along. I posted this for others who do have smaller businesses to inform them of Amazon’s new unstated rules. I might as well try and help others through my mistakes.
Perhaps you will do better on another thread responding to someone else like they are an idiot. They might even argue with you and make your day. Not me. God Bless!


And this wholesaler still has those images on the websites they run.


The same place your old video games come from. Did you buy everything you have from wholesalers? I highly doubt that. Just like a lot of Dvd sellers that have been here for much longer then you have, and had many thousands of sells.

But yet they continue to let chinese sellers sell on their website.


Hit the report button. I got a stern talking to via cut/paste message because I guess I was being ‘rude’. Yet other sellers on here repeatedly can talk down to you and nothing is done about them.

Meanwhile, welcome to Amazon. Where the rules are the rules, till the company changes them.

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Try googling DVA Special or go straight to dvaspecial dot com

For an outfit that claims to be a wholesale distributor, they sure have a very incomplete website. FAQ tab but nothing in it. Nowhere could I find anything about shipping costs or their return/refund policy’s. Go to thier contact us page and there a picture of “Kuglers gogo outlet” that looks like a small strip mall store front.

Nothing wrong with small strip mall store fronts, I have one. But I’m not a wholesale distributor either.


Thank you for replying. That is not the wholesale source that Amazon said they will take no more invoices from.